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Fall In Love With Morning Exercise

One of the most common reasons people don't exercise is because of time. Find out how to fall in love with morning exercise with Vision PT
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Scott Copperfield at Baulkham Hills

One of the most common reasons people don't do as much exercise as they should is because they say they don't have the time, and let's face it. After 8+ hours at a busy day at work, who wants to flog yourself in a workout instead of spending time with the family. Well there's an easy solution to that as well as some other health benefits:

  • A morning workout enhances your metabolism. You will burn more calories as the day goes on as you will have an increased breathing rate and higher heart rate and the body will burn energy to actively bring them back to resting rate throughout the day.
  • It will improve our training consistency and create good habits. If you get up earlier and exercise before your day has started you are less likely to have interruptions that are going to disrupt your training schedule.
  • A morning exercise routine will kick start your day and give you a good sense of fatigue so by the time you are ready for bed at night you sleep quality will be improved
  • Morning exercise can be more effective than having a cup of coffee when you wake up. When you wake up and get moving studies have shown that your physical and mental energy will be improved.

Set your alarm to wake up earlier and get your exercise in before your busy day starts because that way you don't have to think about it after a long day at work.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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