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Physiological Adaptations Of Training

Read about the physiological adaptations of training with Vision PT and the benefits and improvements your body will experience
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Sam Gleeson at Mona Vale

During your fitness journey you will experience various types of training and achieve numerous desired results, however there are more benefits and improvements your body will experience besides the obvious weight gain or loss.

Firstly, the most prominent reaction to resistance training is muscle gain and fat loss. Many individuals express concern as to weighing more due to muscles being heavier than fat but that should be the last concern. Muscle replaces fat and even though it weighs more, it still looks better than fat, not only this but building muscle hypertrophy leads to incredible benefits such as increases in bone density, reduced pressure on joints, muscle rehabilitation, tone, strength, injury prevention, fat loss and lower chance of developing disease. Building muscle is incredible for a healthy lifestyle and is best achieved through weight training.

In cohesion with this, in any lifestyle cardio is essential and like weight training contributes many benefits besides the obvious fitness and fat loss. It is amazing for your organs, this exertion of your heart and lungs automatically fires the cardio-respiratory system and as such will start developing long term adaptions such as a lower resting heart rate and larger stroke volume (your heart will pump out more oxygenated blood per beat) increased cardiac output, lower risk of developing heart disease, muscular endurance and increasing recovery.

Another benefit that comes hand in hand with resistance training and cardio is an increased metabolism. Metabolism is your body's ability to process food at an increased rate, muscles in particular require more calories to maintain and gaining hypertrophy and muscular endurance allowing you to eat more and lose weight at the same time. Which backs up the strong Vision principle of 'eat more, lose weight'.

These are just some of the essential gains of training consistently, reach out to learn more and get started on a program today.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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