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Group Training for Beginners

Group Training at Vision PT provides a motivating environment where you can make new friends and enables you to maintain exercise habits long-term.
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Isabelle Myers, Senior Personal Trainer - Vision Personal Training Willoughby

At Vision Personal Training we use group training as a way of complementing your Personal Training sessions with extra activity during your week and added variety offering more than 10+ sessions a week. Group Training provides members with a motivating environment where you can make new friends creating a positive circle of influence and it enables you to maintain exercise habits long-term. Marketing guru, Seth Godin, refers to this as creating a tribe - each of us wants to belong to a group, which connects us to others who share similar traits and characteristics.

Our Group Training classes are structured and run by one of our exercise professionals, meaning more contact with a Trainer, in turn assisting you to achieve greater results. Our Trainers are highly skilled and design the class specific to all exercise levels providing suitable progressions or regressions for each exercise. The duration of each Group Training Session is either 30 or 60 minutes, including allocated time for stretching at the end. With sessions held both morning and evening, there is a class suitable for everyone.

Our Group Training sessions comprise of various circuits involving high and low impact activity such as bodyweight exercises, use of resistance machines and free weights, studio cardio equipment such as treadmills, bikes, cross trainers and rowers. We also have our group boxing classes, run club and a class for those who wish to improve mobility and flexibility through stretching.

Members set various goals such as regular commitment to weekly exercise where group training assists with achieving this or training for a specific event including participation in marathons, triathlons and commando course style events, an opportunity to achieve something you never thought possible!

The benefits you receive week to week include fat loss, increased lean muscle mass, increase in your metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn energy - the food we eat), increased aerobic capacity, plus coordination skills and balance. In addition, increases in daily energy, a better night sleep, stress relief and an overall contribution to general health such as decreases in high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

For most suburban studios, the highlight of the weekly Group Training calendar is Saturday morning, when clients are more likely to have the time to stay after the session for coffee or breakfast at a local café!

Excitingly, we not only create a positive circle of influence in our group exercise sessions, we also offer group experiences when you attend our monthly educational seminars on nutrition and exercise, our educational food shopping tours at your local grocery store plus social events over the course of the year including mid-year parties, fun run events, client barbecues and Christmas/end of year celebrations.

At Vision Personal Training, we pride ourselves on having small friendly studios where everyone knows your name encouraging a positive environment where you feel like home! Another bonus to being a part of our culture and community. We are confident you will love our Group Training sessions we invite you to bring a friend for free to try a class out! Plus, if you follow your program completely for your first 9 weeks and do not achieve the agreed result, we will not only give your money back, we will train you for free until you achieve what you set out to. That's the Vision promise.

Find out more by searching for your closest studio location or view our group exercise timetable here: Willoughby Studio Timetable



*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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