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3 Tools to Supercharge Your Fitness Results

By Stuart Perry, PT Trainer at Bangor

When it comes to our health and fitness we are all too obsessed with how we feel rather than measuring our results or our process. Now this may be a fairly controversial statement and I don’t mean to say how you feel doesn’t matter, of course, it does and it’s the large reason we decide to make a change for the better in the first place. But if you are training or working towards your goal without using a tool to measure your progress, I am here to tell you that your making a huge mistake.

A study conducted at Cornell University found it’s most common for people to under report their calorie intake by around 20% and up to 40% in overweight individuals. This alone suggests we are creatures of feeling and to successfully achieve our training goals we should lean on some of the fantastic tools we have at our disposal.

So here are my 3 best tools to help you achieve any health and fitness goal you have:

1. Train Smarter, Not Harder: The Power of Tracking

One common mistake I see is people training based on how they feel each day. This inconsistency can hinder progress. Enter your training diary or tracking app. By logging your previous sessions, you build structure and ensure progressive overload, the key to muscle growth and strength gains. Remember, even on tough days, you can adjust intensity, but having a plan ensures you're always pushing your limits.

2. Fuel Your Success: Food Tracking and Measurement

It doesn't matter how hard you train if you're not fueling your body properly. Whether your goal is weight loss or muscle building, understanding your calorie intake and macronutrient breakdown is crucial. Here's where a food diary, tracking app, and food scales come in. These tools help you measure what you're actually consuming, not what you think you're eating. Remember, nutrition is often considered 70% of the battle – don't sabotage your hard work by neglecting it!

3. Unlock Your Potential: The Power of a Coach

Accountability is a game-changer. Having a coach invested in your journey is one of the most powerful ways to stick to your program. A coach provides more than just knowledge; they add a human element, motivating you, holding you accountable, and celebrating your wins. Owning your actions, both good and bad, each week fosters commitment and keeps you on track.

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