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Goals Setting

Personal training and goal setting. Ask yourself some questions that will help you move forward with your goals. Read this article to find out how.

By Chris Enahoro at Bondi Junction


As children we were taught that we could do anything we wanted and be anything we wanted to be, if we worked hard enough. So, what has changed? How many times have you heard from those close to you "You can't do that" or "I wouldn't if I were you" and my personal favourite, "that isn't part of your make up"? Even the media has joined in on the doom and gloom, giving you a negative view on the world, forcing us to think small, be safe and not take risks. One of my favourite quotes is by Will Smith. Yes, the Fresh Prince can share some wisdom now and then. It's states "being realistic is the most common path to mediocracy" and I agree. Here is why. Gurus in the personal development industry such as Tony Robbins, Babra Sher, Ekhart Tolle, Eric Thomas, Les Brown and Zig Ziglar all talk about creating more self-awareness and more love. They challenge us to dream more, take risks and preach that the most important personal growth comes from overcoming adversity or conflict. What they mean by this is that the challenges that we have in life, are what makes us grow. Not to shy away from these challenges and stress about them, but be thankful for them and accept them as an opportunity to become a better version of yourself. In other words, conflict helps us build resilience.

So how can we use this to become better? Start by setting big, scary, meaningful and exciting goals. The first step is to ask yourself some questions that will help you move forward with your dreams and have you believing that you can do anything, like when you were a child.

Ask yourself;

1. What do I want/ desire?

2. What will this goal/outcome get for me that I don't already have?

3. What will I no longer have as a result of achieving this goal?

4. What am I unwilling to change to achieve this goal?

5. Who has achieved this outcome/what skills does that person have/ how did they do it? What time frame did they take to achieve this?

6. What am I doing right now to stop me from my goal?

7. What is important about taking action towards this outcome right now?

8. What am I attached to?

9. What am I resisting?

10. How can I laugh and take pleasure in my journey?

11. What has to happen for me to be successful?

12. How will I know when I have achieved my outcome/ how will it be measured?

*Mitch Pike (20170 MP Coaching Session 6 page 2, The key to this is answering the questions open and honestly by yourself. Challenge your own thoughts and beliefs and dare to dream. The last step is to enlist the help of someone to keep you accountable to your goals; someone that can give neutral, unbiased advice who inspires you to be better. This is where a Personal Trainer could be used. The Vision website is full of success stories, showing how this goal orientated and positive approach to life has helped thousands of people create better versions of themselves. Jump on and have a look.

I'll leave you with a great quote by Jim Rohn

"If you think trying is risky, wait till you get the bill for not trying"


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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