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Fun Run Prep

Fun run prep. How to keep it cool whilst having a great time and enjoy the experience. Read this article by Vision Personal Training to find out how.
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Cherry Cummins at Balgowlah

PREPERATION- The week leading up to your first Fun Run with Cherry

Taking on your first 5km can be a nerve-wracking experience but I am here to inform you on how to keep it cool whilst having a great time with the Vision family and enjoy the experience.

We are all excited for Vision Balgowlah's annual fun run this weekend but what do we need to consider before putting on our running shoes this Saturday morning?

Sleep! Pre-race nerves could strike the night before the race which could interrupt your sleeping patterns. When it comes to running for beginners or even experienced racers, trust that this is normal and will not influence your race. Prepare yourself instead by getting quality sleep that week.

Keep it light- Don't let your trainer get carried away with heavy leg exercises in the week leading up towards the run, the last thing you want is to feel like you are carrying lead around your legs whilst running. Keep sessions 'running race focused' so include more stretches and lighter reps with no intense sessions up to 5 days before fun run day! Do a couple of light runs throughout the week. Do not try and break any records leading up towards Saturday's event as this won't suddenly get you a faster time in a matter of a week, in fact it may set you back. Try going for a light jog on Friday, a couple of run throughs and plenty of stretching.

Fill your tank with premium fuel- On Saturday morning, be sure to eat the breakfast that you are used to (avoid any stomach issues) Aim to eat about 2 hours prior to the run. Keep it simple-a bowl of oats with dried fruit, multi grain toast with peanut butter. Eat something high energy and easily digestible. Be sure to include hydration-water…Drink WATER, make sure your urine is clear in colour otherwise drink more water. If coffee is part of your normal routine that's ok, I mean Coffee might be the only thing getting you to the start line in the first place!!

 Never do anything you are not used to doing as this could cause bodily upsets.

Warming up- I will be conducting a 20 minute warm up from 7;40am this Saturday. We will be doing jogging, run throughs and stretches to prepare our bodies.

PACE YOURSELF-Most runners give their best effort in the first 400m from the start line which will cause suffering later on! Aim to negative split your effort on race day-that simply means finishing the second half of the race faster than you ran the first half. Start conservatively and build your effort throughout the run. When you start out too fast, your body works too hard too soon and fizzles after the first kilometre, making your overall time slower, not faster. In the last 300m, kick it in to the finish line to finish strong.

Think Positive. When things get tough, it's common for the little voice in your head to start telling you all the reasons why you will fail or why you should slow down. Often, having a positive mantra for the race-such as "I can do it" will distract you from any pain and keep you focused. Practice these affirmations during your harder training sessions so they become automatic on race day. Remember to Breathe. We are here as a team and here to have fun and help us reach goals


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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