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Find yourself a "Workout Buddy"

A "Workout Buddy" is beneficial to achieving long term results and makes staying fit fun. Read this article by Vision PT to find out more.
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Matt Firth at Kogarah

Having a "Workout Buddy" is beneficial to achieving long term and long lasting results. Having a friend working alongside you makes staying fit and healthy lots of fun while you both work towards your health and fitness goals.


Here are 5 reasons you should start working together with a "Workout Buddy".


  1. Exercising becomes FUN- You can lose weight and get stronger without it being too serious and feeling like a chore. As personal trainers there is nothing more enjoyable than seeing 2 good friends get started together and come to EVERY group training session together. It's amazing that you can achieve great results and still keep up to date with each other's social lives. Not only that but you can actually find your "Workout Buddy" in group training sessions. At Vision Kogarah we have had many awesome relationships build in our sessions.
  2. Encouragement and Support- We have all had those mornings were work can start getting on top of us, feeling down and just want to sleep in and not exercise. That's normal, but with a workout buddy you're accountable to them and I'm sure you will be waking up to a motivational text to get you ready for the session and out of bed. The beauty of a workout buddy is they will encourage and support you just as a friend would. I can guarantee that you will feel better after your workout that morning than you would if you had stayed in bed.
  3. Accountability to your health and fitness goals- One of the best and most common reasons people get a Personal Trainer is so that they are accountable to them. Being accountable to a trainer guarantees results and will help you on your journey immensely. Imagine though, on top of that your accountable to your "workout buddy". You have now doubled the chances of making sure you achieve your cardio goals for the week because you and your buddy have committed to exercise together. For those of you who have read our studio article on circle of influence, you will know that having positive people around you to be accountable too will help you on your journey.
  4. Can try new exercises together- Coming to a group training session that you have never done before can always be a bit daunting and rather intimidating. To ease that anxiety of a new workout, you and your buddy will be trying it together so instantly you're at ease and you won't have those feelings. On top of that if your "workout buddy" has done it before then you're certain to have a good time as they will help you out as well as one of our very own personal trainers to help you out every step of the way.
  5. Makes your workouts safer- We as humans naturally don't want to let people down. So when we are partnered up with somebody we aren't really familiar with we have a tendency to push through pain barriers when we shouldn't. Having a "workout buddy" who knows you and your limits will ensure you have a safe and fun workout. If you come in with a niggle your buddy will know and if it starts giving you a little bit of grief it's easy to let them know and you guys can slow it down and find an alternative. Your buddy knows how critical it is to keep you away from injuries so you can continue your journey together.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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