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Exercise Benefits For Pregnancy – Pre-natal

Prenatal exercises when trying to fall pregnant can bring many benefits. Find out more by this article by Vision Personal Training.

By Matt Firth at Bondi Junction

My mother-in-law is freaking out knowing I am still training while pregnant"; "My husband will definitely not allow me to do squats with this "belly""; "I won't feel comfortable walking around in the gym while everybody is staring at me"; "I was told to stop any exercise for the first three months."... They do sound familiar right? These conversations can go on and on.


Nobody is to blame if they are all telling you the best of what they believe, but the truth is that exercise during pre-natal cannot only maintain the persons fitness level and body composition to a certain extent, prevent poor body posture due to excessive weight gain but also allow the client to return to pre-pregnancy activities in a much shorter time frame, if training exercises are prescribed correctly and safely.


Body shape and posture change can be the most distinct results of pregnancy. The additional weight gain (from both the growth of uterus) increases the pelvic tilt and exaggerates the mother's lumbar lordosis. Due to the release of the hormone relaxin, joints will experience increased laxity. At the same time abdominal muscles undergo tremendous stress during the growth of the uterus. Most of the mums loose abdominal strength due to this "over stretch", and 2/3 of them will experience abdominal separation (diastasis recti).


Exercises during pregnancy can bring many benefits to cope with above changes:


> Maintain weight gain within a safe range and prevent gestational diabetes which means a healthier baby too (3-8% will develop GDM around the 24th to 28th week of pregnancy);


> Improve cardiovascular system and fitness for delivery (yes, you will need to do a lot of hard pushings during labour and it's a test on your fitness itself);


> Improve your "mood" from those morning sickness (you are more active and happier than your peers);


> Prevent back pain due to avoiding excessive weight gain and correct posture maintenance;


> More chances to give a natural delivery (Regular exercisers are 75% less likely to need a forceps, C-sections or other intervention);


> Feeling part of the group with other exercising moms-to-be, preventing prenatal depressions;


> You feel more in control and you will look great;

The above are just some of the many benefits of exercise during pre-natal.

Vision Personal Training Kogarah is a perfect place for Pre-natal exercising. We have pre/post-natal qualified personal trainers giving you tailored programs. We are a friendly studio where no one will stare at you or judge you. We have professional advice on your nutrition requirements.  

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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