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Born To Run

Winter is a great time of year to train, because it’s running season!

By John Carpenter, Owner at Mona Vale

Winter is a great time of year to train, not just so you’re in good shape for the upcoming Summer, but also because it’s running season!

With a host of great events all around Sydney, running is a terrific way to stay fit, stay motivated, and achieving that most rewarding feeling of accomplishing a goal and crossing that finish line on race day.

Being on the Northern Beaches we’re going to turn our focus onto the Beach 2 Beach Fun Run happening this year on Sunday 27th August. A great family event with 3km, 6km and 13km distances to choose from, all finishing at the beautiful Newport Beach.

Here’s our 3 top tips for getting race day ready this year:

  1. Less is more. Like any good training program, you need to ensure your recovery, accessory training sessions, nutrition and hydration is on point. Three running sessions weekly is sufficient to prepare for the Beach 2 Beach. A good split will include one interval session, one tempo/easy run, and one longer slower run. A gradual increase in total weekly volume will ensure your body is ready for race day, with a nice taper week leading into the day.
  2. Lift weights. As mentioned above, accessory training sessions are vital. Most people who fail to complete a running race do so due to their body breaking down as opposed to a lack of cardiovascular fitness. Strength training twice a week will ensure strong muscles and joints allow you to complete your running sessions and race injury free and feeling strong.
  3. Mimic race day in training. Wear the clothes you’ll use on race day in your training runs, same shoes, same pre-race meals, sleep routine, fluid intake, etc. Ensure you leave no surprises for yourself come race day that could potentially derail all your hard work. This will also give you a chance to fix up any challenges and issues you encounter while training so it’s smooth sailing in the race.

We’ll be kicking off a 10-Week Beach 2 Beach training program on 19th June if you’d like any assistance getting ready for this great event, please get in touch with the team here at Vision Personal Training Mona Vale.

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