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Are you feeling the cold and tired this winter?

At Vision PT, we know how hard it is to get motivated during the cold months of Winter. Let us show you how to best navigate the winter months.
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Waikeri Birch at Takapuna

It's early morning. Very early. The alarm goes off in what seems like the middle of the night. 'You're joking!' …You say to yourself as you fumble and grasp attempting to turn that thing off. It is at this point the fight begins. 'Will I or won't I get up and train?'

The blankets have a firm hold and are intent on not letting go. Their grip is intense and within seconds you already feel you lack the energy to fight against them. Yet you are determined, and you roll-over in an attempt to loosen the blanket's grip. Finally you manage to squeeze one leg free and you poke it out into the contrasting and rather refreshing coldness. This is a crucial moment, and often it is right here that the battle is won or lost.

The blankets tighten the grip on your body, as you lay in their warm and cosy embrace. Even tighter now, the grip is almost overwhelming as they attempt to bring that one leg back into the comfort zone. Be careful, these tactics employed by the blankets are not sporting and know no bounds. Do not ever under estimate the power they possess, as many have fallen victim to the trickery the blankets can feed your mind. 'Stay in bed a few more minutes' is the suggestion. 'It will allow you to gather more energy and catch the blankets off guard'. Beware! This usually just gives the blankets more time to twist your thoughts, and many have succumbed to this tactic and are now statistics.

You can win.

A proven approach to victory is:

  • Lay your training clothes out the night before so when your alarm clock goes off you are already dressed, out the door and into the car to your studio before your brain has had time to figure out what's going on
  • Remember that your body adapts to what you train it to do. So get into the habit of getting up when your alarm goes off and create good habits.
  • Remind yourself how good it feels after your early morning training session. You start your day on a high and always get your workout in before the day takes a hold of your time and energy.
  • Realise that 90% of your workout consists of just turning up. The 10% that counts won't happen without that 90%. Focus on just getting dressed and walking into the studio, the rest will take place in due course.
  • Your dedicated trainer is waiting for you so make sure you realise that there is a support network waiting to champion you to achieve your specific goals.
  • If you have trouble getting up early try and go to bed 30-60 minutes earlier than usual. A shower or bath and cup of chamomile tea will help wind the body down and get you ready for sleep.
  • Smile, because it's good to be alive and you can go and exercise when many can't.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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