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3 Ways to Kickstart Your Health and Fitness Journey

At Vision PT, we know it can be difficult knowing where to start with health and fitness. Let us show you 3 ways to kickstart your journey.
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Dom Iafrate at Mona Vale

1      Weight Training

Weight training helps to increase your lean muscle mass, which in turn increases your resting metabolism.  This means that when you are carrying out your daily activities you are burning a lot more energy as a result of your muscles being stronger. Muscle in its resting state is like an idling car engine, burning up fuel in the form of calories.  Therefore, it's true that the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns at rest each day. This doesn't always mean larger muscles, but the overall quality of the muscle is what counts.

  • Increased Fat Burn
  • Stronger bones
  • Easier day-to-day Activities


2      Nutrition Coaching

Many people say they eat well and have a balanced diet - but what does the term "balanced diet" actually mean? The perception of what is "balanced" will vary from one individual to another and can be dependent on a number of things, ranging from cultural background, upbringing and lifestyle, to gender and age.

Regardless of gender, the human body is made up roughly of about 62% water, 22% protein, 13% fat and 2% vitamins and minerals and every single molecule in the body comes from the food we eat and the water we drink. This means that we need to ensure we eat a wide range of the right food of the highest possible quality, to ensure we meet the body's nutritional demands and are able to live with good health and vitality. Speaking to a qualified Vision Trainer can ensure your needs are met on a daily basis through ongoing support and nutritional counselling.

  • Best Food for Health and Fitness
  • Long Term Positive Habits


3      Accountability

Research has shown time and time again that training under the guidance of a trainer, or even with a friend or family member, provides better results over both the short and long term than training alone. How often have you promised yourself that you'll "start again on Monday", or that you'll go by the gym on the way home from work or first thing in the morning? How often have you actually done so? Well, under the care of a great Personal Trainer, your commitment and accountability becomes easy.

  • Guidance & Structure
  • Increased Motivation
  • Better Success!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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