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Verity Cooper

Total Lifestyle Overhaul
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Client from Southport

Verity Cooper (after)

Verity came to the studio with intentions of improving her lifestyle, with a big focus on her nutrition.

By working with her Personal Trainer Charles, they have found the perfect plan that allows her to continuously get fitter and stronger while still enjoying her favourite foods.

Since November 2017 not only has Verity lost over 5kg, her body is now 4 years younger than her actual age! This is a fantastic achievement.

She has drastically reduced her alcohol intake and is now in the studio everyday getting her cardio done.

By filling out her food diary honestly with Charles, she is also well on her way to quitting smoking!

Verity has noticed a massive increase in her strength, not just in the studio lifting weights, but her day to day activities are becoming much easier.

Verity has achieved so much in such little time, and we are excited to see what other goals she can achieve!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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