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Sharon Mckenzie

Exercise Habits have become a part of Shaz's life, she now loves to train!
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Client from Southport

Sharon Mckenzie (after)

Shaz joined Vision Southport in 2013, looking to improve her lifestyle habits and lose some weight.

Through working with Trainer Haydn, they slowly adapted habits around alcohol and food intake to find some sustainable habits that allowed Shaz to still partake in a party but also stay on track with her health and lose over 10kg.  The best part of Shaz's journey is her new love of fitness and involving her circle of influence on a healthier lifestyle.  Sharon walks 55km weekly and will often drag friends and other members of Vision Southport along on her famous "long walks" (that often end up at the surf club for a vodka).  Shaz has become the self-proclaimed "Events Coordinator" for the studio, ensuring that for any fun run or event there is always a lunch, breakfast or party to celebrate everyone's achievements.

Shaz has competed in such events as:

  • Raw Challenges
  • Kingscliff Triathlons
  • Gold Coast Triathlon
  • Mud Run
  • Colour Runs
  • Robina Triathlons
  • Gold Coast Bulletin Fun Runs
  • The list goes on!

We love having Shaz as a part of our community, great to see her doing so well!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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