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Sarah Williams

Healthier, Leaner and Fighting Fit!
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Client from Wahroonga

Before Sarah Williams (before)
After Sarah Williams (after)

Since joining Vision Wahroonga at the end of April 2016, the bright bubbly Sarah Williams has made outstanding progress and achieved some incredible results already! Starting at 29.8% body fat in her first goal session, her initial goals were to improve her muscle and joint strength as well as losing 4kg. Sarah also had a winter goal of 'not putting on the winter weight' which she achieved consistently losing little by little each week.

Sarah has achieved her weight goal in under 5 months, officially losing the 4 kilos on the 21st of September! Her most recent goal session on the 7th of September also showed just how much hard work and effort Sarah has put not only into her training but her eating as well with her measurements and body fat percentage all dropping. She has lost 5cm off her chest and waist, 7.5cm off her hips (total of 17.5cm!) and her body fat percentage has dropped by 4.2%!

Well done Sarah, keep up the amazing work!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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