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Megan Harrison

Transitioned from fat loss, to maintenance, to fitness!
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Southport | Trainer: Elliot White


Megan has been an absolute true success story here in the Studio, having executed almost the perfect process with trainer Elliot. Megan originally started at the Studio having seen partner Ben getting great success increasing his fitness and general health. She originally wanted to lose a few kg and feel better overall.

Picking up new nutritional education and an understanding of her bodily requirements, Megan quickly made some positive changes to her food and started to see some great results. She found that by being consistent, tracking her nutrition and hitting her macronutrient targets, she had plenty of energy but also saw her body change. Trainer Elliot continued to coach Megan to higher levels, as she was so adherent to all plans. Megan then decided she had hit her composition goals and wanted to start to maintain the great result she had gotten, so began the process of increasing her food to help her body get enough quality nutrition.

Through this process, Megan found she actually lost more weight and got stronger as she was now fuelling her body for success! Really happy with her results, Megan has now turned her focus to improving her fitness and incorporating more cardio to increase her performance, adjusting her nutrition again to accommodate the training. Throughout this whole process, Megan has tracked her food daily for over 9 months! That is remarkable consistency and just shows why she is achieving the success she is!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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