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Kerry Watts

Couple Success
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Client from Wahroonga

Before Kerry Watts (before)
After Kerry Watts (after)

David and Kerry Watts both joined Vision Personal training Wahroonga in mid-April 2017. When they first came to us they had tried several different diets with little success but it wasn't until they started following the Vision Way of Life that they started to climb the ladder of success. Together they have kicked goal after goal! They have both lost in excess of 10kg each, improved the consistency and knowledge of their eating and exercise, created healthy habits, and become an active part of our Vision Wahroonga Family! They come to many of our group classes, use VVT every day and never miss a training session. They are both walking examples of how well the Vision way, works and have proved that results are guaranteed when the system is followed completely! They have also shown that conquering challenges together plays a big role in not only accountability but overall success!

Kerry originally wanted to lose some weight, so that she could look and feel better on a cruise that she and her husband wanted to go on. Becoming a part of our exclusive 10Kg club became another motivator towards her weight loss goal. She now looks and feels fantastic and is ready for the next challenge!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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