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Ken Alroy

Weight loss, starting running and triathlons
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Client from Southport

Before Ken Alroy (before)
After Ken Alroy (after)


Prior to joining Vision Personal Training, I was on a similar path to everyone else who joins, I was leading an unhealthy life consisting of an un-acceptable diet and drinking too much alcohol with my close friends. Looking back now I can understand that it seemed very much the norm at that time in my life. I got fed up with feeling lethargic all the time.

Since joining Vision Personal Training, I have not only improved physically but also mentally. Alongside the huge milestone of reaching a 20kg weight Loss. I am back into running which is a huge win for me. I was previously worried about the stability of my knees and ankles - however with consistent weight training and appropriate nutrition, they are stronger than ever.

The easiest thing about being at Vision Personal Training is defiantly the sense of community and its infectious culture, it makes it hard not to succeed here. The only regret I have is not starting earlier. To anyone out there ready for change. Do it now, don't wait for the right time - as that may never come!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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