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Janelle Walton

Ran a half marathon at 60!
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Client from Southport

Before Janelle Walton (before)
After Janelle Walton (after)

Janelle has been a much-loved member of the Southport Crew for well over 5 years.  She first walked into the Studio with her daughter Chloe having never done any structured exercise in her life, but wanting some help as she had been diagnosed with low bone mineral density which would worsen as she ages.

Janelle thought she wouldn't last training, proclaiming she bought a pair of shoes to train in, but wouldn't need to replace them as she wouldn't be training long enough!  Fast forward a few years and she's definitely gone through some runners since then!

Slowly but surely, Janelle started enjoying the process and getting great results.  She quickly made many friends, which she now counts amongst her closest friends.  Nel bel also has found a quiet determination inside herself, thinking she would never be able to run, lift weights or enjoy exercise.  As she has progressed now to a very strong fit lady!

Nel's latest goal was to run a half marathon by the time she was 60, she thought that all old ducks like herself couldn't run that distance so she decided to prove to herself she could.  As always, with a quiet determination and consistent approach, Nel trained herself up to fitness to complete her first half marathon in 2018.  She then said she's done with running, but as always just around the corner comes the next goal and now Nel has begun to build herself up to a faster half marathon in 2019.

She's not just a valued member of the community, an example of consistency and hard work but she's an absolutely lovely lady who we love having a part of the team!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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