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Jackie Scotchmer

Completed a Marathon!
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Client from Southport

Before Jackie Scotchmer (before)
After Jackie Scotchmer (after)

1) Joined Vision Personal Training Southport October 2012

2) Joined the X Training Group Training and couldn't make it around the block

3) Did first Run Club in Jan 2013

4) Managed 3km without stopping by March 2013

5) May 2013 I could run 5km

6) Encouraged to enter the 10km at GC Marathon so started running 3 times a week but also did 3 Group Training sessions

7) First race GC July 2013 - 10km in 59.58 (just scraped sub 60!)

8) Pretty much hit my goal weight by end of July 2013 and halved my body fat. Decided I got the running bug and entered first City to Surf (14km). Did that with my sister and didn't stop - not even up Heartbrake Hill!

9) The "Girls running group" was formed with a view to conquer the 10km in Melbourne that Oct 2013. Got my time down to 55.15.

10) Now running regularly but still doing at least 3 Group Training and Personal Training sessions per week. Body Fat down to 14%

11) Followed a program for half marathon for GC 2014 with Jen - but ended up doing 10km (53.11) - had some hip issues.

12) Completed second City to Surf and shaved 9 minutes off previous year.

13) Continued program and trained regularly with aim for Blackmores Half in Sydney - Sept 2014 - did my first half in 1hr  56 secs. It was after this race I decided that maybe I could do a full marathon.

14) Second Half Central Coast Dec 2014 - particularly tough mentally - 1 hr 57 secs

15) Did a couple of team Tri's (mighty Visionettes) over the summer - can't run well in heat and then Bulletin 10km fun run in April.

16) Feb 2015 started following program for GC Full Marathon for July with Jen. Still doing 3 x training classes/ week too. Followed Vision's nutrition to the gram.

17) After a few hip and back issues managed to get to the start line

18) Net time 4 hrs 23 minutes - enjoyed every step! I had the best support crew and team Vision.


What's next??

Can't miss my favourite race City to Surf 2015....

Blackmores Half in Sept 2015 - want to get sub 1hr 45 mins Start Trail running - who knows - might conquer The North Face 50??? London or Boston 2016....

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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