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Georgia Harrison

35kg loss, half marathon completed and training for a full marathon!
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Client from Southport

Before Georgia Harrison (before)
After Georgia Harrison (after)

Georgia Harrison is one lady who has fully embraced living a healthy lifestyle and is now gunning to achieve some amazing things!

When Georgia first started with Vision Southport, she hadn't had much history with exercise, nutrition and alcohol education so she adopted the Vision principles quickly and fully.  Quoting Georgia "I get people to invest money with me because I'm the expert with stockbroking, so I'll get Vision to tell me what to do for my health as I'm definitely not the expert with that" With this fantastic open mindset Georgia has completely shifted her lifestyle, cutting alcohol and sweets to a minimum while adding exercise into her routine.

Over time, the weight has shifted and Georgia's overall health has vastly improved.  Now weighing in 35kg lighter and Georgia now loves exercise!  This year Georgia has gone from running 5km fun runs to a half marathon and is now getting set for a triathlon and a marathon in 2018!  Watch this superstar fly!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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