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Frances Donney

At last I am on the road to achievement and success
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Client from Wahroonga

Before Frances Donney (before)
After Frances Donney (after)

At last I am on the road to achievement and success.

From the very first moment I stepped into Vision Personal Training Wahroonga, I knew my battle with my overweight body would be over. I was instantly aware that I would not be a number but an indivdual. The past 17 weeks I have proved my thinking to be correct.

I have been trying to loose weight for several years. I had no energy, always tired and very unmotivated. Because I am 80 years, I convinced myself it was an age factor.

The encouragement and motivation I am given at Vision Studio is not just from my awesome trainer Ryan Berg, but each and every trainer in the studio - even calling me by my name. I am definately determined to succeed, not just for myself but my competent, caring personal trainer.. I will not let him down.

My vision journey began last March. I was 80kgs and Vision provided me the framework that allows you to make the changes in your diet and exercise. I knew I had the fortitude and diligence to give it a go.After 9 weeks training I had lost 4 and a half kilos and 4cm off my hips - I was ecstatic!. Now at my 17th week I have shed a total of 7kg, I am in a size 12 sweater instead of 18... bring it on!

I am thoroughly enjoying my cardio work-outs along with weights and boxing. Ryan Berg does not push me or demand too much of me. He is patient and most understanding.. initially I told him I could not get down on the mat for stretching... now I have done it and the encouragement is unbelievable.

I am so proud of my achievements, the person I am becoming - happier, confident, energetic and more fitter. Slowly but surely I will reach my goal weight of 68kg and be fit. My family and friends have noticed this vast change in me. They say I am amazing and wonder what on earth i will do next at 80 years of age.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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