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Dean Cousins

Lost and kept off 9kg!
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Client from Ivanhoe

Before Dean Cousins (before)
After Dean Cousins (after)

I joined Vision after watching my better half achieving great results in a relatively short period.  I knew I was overweight and typically had the men's issue of what some would call a beer belly.  So, I took the plunge and joined up in October 2018.

My journey has been one of steady progress and of course my initial goals were to lose weight and maintain a reasonable level of fitness.   Alas, my trainer thought otherwise and kept pushing and encouraging me to do more.  On reflection the highlight of my journey has been a wonderful experience of becoming a member of the Vision family which includes a great bunch of competent trainers which I have grown to respect and admire; and just as important are all the wonderful clients that I have come to know, even though I cannot remember all their names! One of the most important aspects of attending Vision is the fun I have coupled with a great social atmosphere and motivated people.

My initial goals I set have been achieved having lost approximately 9 kg and maintained a reasonably good level of fitness. Personally, I like the improved look of my body overall which sounds a little vain.  Of course, there are always more goal setting and targets to be achieved and I will continue to work hard to get where I want to go.

Four words come to mind when I think of our Vision gym - pain, fun, motivation and results and this is what I would discuss when recommending they join the family.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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