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David Dibley

10kg weight gain
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Client from Southport

David Dibley (after)

David started his journey with Vision having a desire to improve his health, body and mindset.  After quickly forming great rapport with trainer Elliot, the team have slowly but surely identified all the key parts of David's life that he wanted improve, then set upon building plans to achieve these new goals.

Firstly, nutrition changes needed to be made; with David's busy business and long work hours in the salon, finding consistency with meals was often difficult and hard to get a pattern.  Elliot setup some easy on the run meal ideas that David could easily make fit as he went about his days, then ensured he was getting great quality nutrition for breakfast and dinner at home.  Over time as these changes became habits, David has continually improved his nutrition to the point where he now arrives at work with his meals prepared for the day and he can stay on track.  Making these habits have been vital to his success.

Exercise was next on the list.  By becoming consistent with good quality resistance training, ever increasing the intensity and volume of sessions has meant David has been able to sustainably progressively overload to ensure he keeps growing the muscle and shape he has been looking for.  Working with Elliot on correct form, pace and type of program has ensured this.

The biggest thing David has noticed about improvement in his health has been his clarity in thought process and mindset.  He reguarly reports feeling switched on at work, in good moods and having great energy all day.  This improvement right there is a great example of how a lifestyle transformation can be so positive!!!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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