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Studio Policies

Session Terms 

To maximise the benefits of Personal Training, you are required to acknowledge the following: 

  • Booking Appointments: All appointments must be made via our Trainers, by contacting them directly on their mobile phones. Should you be unable to contact them, simply leave a message on their message bank service. The studio number should only be used to contact Management. 

  • Goals Sessions: Every 9 weeks we will conduct a minimum half hour Goals Session with you. This is to assess your progress, reset your goals and update your exercise and nutrition programs. Your first Goals Session will equate to 2 sessions and all subsequent Goals Session will equate to a minimum 1 session of your program.  

  • Studio Transfer: You may transfer to another studio and any sessions that you have in credit, including prepaid sessions, may be transferred to that studio. Please note that at least 30 days’ notice must be provided via the MyVision App, and we may recommend a conversation be held with your existing Studio Manager for this to occur. 

  • Client Flexibility: If at the end of any session you are not fully satisfied with our services, we are happy to offer you a complimentary session and / or provide you with an alternate Trainer. None of our Trainers take offence to any client wanting to change Trainers, for whatever reasons. In fact, changing Trainers can often help with your progress. 

  • Money Back Guarantee: To be eligible for our money back guarantee, you must agree to each area of accountability within the “Weekly Report” in your first “Goals Session”. You will also need to fulfil your “Weekly Report” requirements, document your daily nutritional intake and weekly physical activity on either the MyVision App or in the Vision Eating and Exercise diary, and complete two personal training sessions each week. If you have not reached your agreed primary weight loss goal by the second “Goals Session” in 9 weeks time, we will provide you with a refund for those sessions completed in the first 9 weeks. Further, we are so confident in our program, we will continue to train you for FREE until that primary goal is met. 

  • Liability: Neither party is liable for consequential losses, and liability for any issues is proportionately reduced based on each party's contribution. Our liability, in case of non-compliance with consumer rights, is limited to supplying services again, and our aggregate liability is capped at the price paid for the relevant services. 

  • Medical Conditions: Any pre-existing medical conditions that may affect your ability to successfully follow your program and achieve the agreed results must be identified in your first “Goals Sessions” through the Lifestyle Screen. 

  • Stolen of Lost Items: We do not take any responsibility for lost or stolen personal items. We suggest that you do not bring items of value with you into the Studio. Further we require that you acknowledge that exercise can cause serious injury or death. Therefore, you will not be able to hold Vision Personal Training or any of its representatives liable for any injury sustained to yourself in our premises and / or whilst under our supervision. 

  • Price Changes: Our prices may be subject to change at the end of your program; however, you will be notified of any change at least 30 days prior to any increase. 

  • Privacy: We use your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy on our website.  

Please ensure you have read and understood the following terms: 

  • Cooling Off Period: You have a 7-day cooling-off period from the date you sign below. To cancel or modify your program during this time you must provide us with written notice, and your Paysmart contract (if applicable). We may recommend you have a conversation with management as part of this process. If you terminate, you will receive a full refund of the Start-Up Fee and any unused sessions, minus a $99 administration fee to cover the cost of the initial consultation and welcome kit.  

  • Billing: You have been given the option of choosing a program based on either periodic billing or pre-payment. Your program is non-refundable and any sessions not used will be forfeited by the date of expiry. 

  • Direct Debit: You will be charged a weekly direct debit by our third-party payment provider, Paysmart. If the direct debit fails you will be charged a $15 dishonour fee.  

  • Changes to Sessions: You won't be charged if you cancel a session before 5 pm on the day prior to the session. However, you will be required to pay for any session you cancel after this time. If we cancel one of your sessions within that time period, your next session will be free. You will be required to use each session within 9 weeks of the date of payment for each session or they will expire. This allows our Trainers to properly plan your daily schedules. 

  • Suspended Sessions: If your program term is 12 months, you may suspend it for up to 6 weeks during the term, if your program term is 6 months, you may suspend it for up to 3 weeks during the term. If your program term is 3 months, you may suspend it for up to 1 week during the term. If you chose to continue month by month you will not be able to suspend your program. If you wish to suspend, you must give us a minimum 14 days’ notice by placing an online suspension request through your MyVision App. Any payments suspended will simply be added to the end of your minimum term. However, we recommend that if you cannot make your sessions in person, you conduct your sessions with your Trainer online. 

  • Changes to Payment: If you wish to change your account or payment details at any time and you are making your investment via Paysmart, you will be required to complete an online request through your MyVision App. This request will be sent directly to the Studio Owner / Manager and will be actioned within 7 days of the request being made. To finalise this request, you will be required to sign the “Vision” Variation / Suspension form either in Studio or online.  

  • Program Termination and Renewal: To terminate training at the end of the program, you must submit an online cancellation request through your MyVision App at least 30 days after your upcoming scheduled debit date. If you do not terminate, at the end of your program, your debits will automatically continue on a month-by-month basis. If you wish to terminate your program before the end date, you can do so by paying 50% of the remaining program term fee, as a genuine pre-estimate of our loss. We may recommend you arrange a conversation with the Studio Manager as part of the termination process.  

  • Program Transfer: Your program may be transferred to another party who is not a current client of Vision Personal Training should you be unable to use any unused sessions before your expiry date. 


We are extremely excited to welcome you to our team and wish you every success. Should you have any questions or concerns we are more than willing to assist you