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Fitness and Training

By Jo Hurst at Stanmore

A role model is someone we can look up to, admire and use their experience to enhance our lives.

These days it's very easy to be influenced by people from all walks of life. Social media and search engines provide us with instant access 24/7 to celebrities and experts.

A role model generally reflects the values we have and lives a life that compliments the way we live. Who we admire can have a positive or negative influence on the choices we make.

A role model may be someone from history, a current friend or family member or someone you have come across that has encouraged you to see what is possible.

Generally, our role models provide us with inspiration and are a positive influence on our lives, whether it be in the area of fitness, wellbeing, finance and business or just living a fulfilling life.

Historically our role models have been religious icons, warriors and explorers that took on amazing adventures and are part of a story told with a moral tale. More recently they have become sports people, actors, TV personalities and people with some fame attached. Many people now also regard their family members as positive role models - people who have overcome adversity and hardship to improve their life for a purpose.

It's easy to be caught up in a celebrity lifestyle following people who aren't genuinely inspiring. They offer advice as an expert but often the information they disseminate is paid for and they are not real advocates for the product they endorse. The use of clever PR, product placement and hashtags can lead to a perception that is far from reality.

Think about the people who inspire you and encourage you to live a healthy active life. Some of these people may be within your close circle of friends; others may be people you have never met.

If you look closely you are probably surrounded by inspiring role models on many levels.

Take a moment to look for your role models because there is someone close by ready to educate, motivate and inspire you. Look further afield and find the people that share your passion, values and interests and I'm sure not only will you find a role model you will become one.


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