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What you need to know before you start Running?

Looking to get into running? In this article by Vision PT we share what you need to know before you start running. Click here to read more.
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Mitch Lockley at Mosman

Have you set a goal involving running?

Are you a new runner?

Or perhaps you have been running for a while but can't seem to reach potential? 

We want to do our best to make sure injury doesn't stop you from reaching your goal!

Did you know 42% of people don't make it to the start line due to injury?

And that 16-33% of people will have an injury in the lead up to an event!

Here are some questions you can ask yourself; 

  1. Are you new to running?
  2. Is your BMI above 30? (useful site to help calculate)
  3. Do you sleep less than 7 hours a night?
  4. Have you been inactive the last 6 months?
  5. Do you have bad nutritional habits?
  6. Are you stressed at work or in your home life?
  7. Do you land on your heels when you run?
  8. Do you have a long stride when you run?
  9. Do your knees touch when you run?
  10. Do you wake up sore the morning after a run?


If you are answering yes to any of these questions they can play a role in injury management! So, let your Personal Trainer know so we can help decrease your chance of injury and get you to that finish line!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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