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Here at Vision PT, we know Clients who track their food achieve the best results. Check out our MyVision app for more information!
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Jo Hurst

At Vision Personal Training we have an amazing interactive client portal that assists our clients to maintain their motivation 24/7. It's not just a food diary but a complete resource that encompasses our 4 E's -Emotions, Education, Eating and Exercise. This holistic approach is also available to any client worldwide. It enables you to create your own exercise and eating program and keep yourself accountable. It includes an APP that synchs all information gathered just to ensure your success and ease of use.

Firstly, yes the food diary is incredible you can plan you meals on a weekly basis and then print off a shopping list WOW! What a time and money saver that is. If you like routine you can enter your own foods and enjoy a consistent weekly plan. If however, you like more variety then the food diary can be preloaded with weekly or daily options still keeping within your macros or you can have a mix of both. The foods are grouped into specific nutritional requirements (eg vegan, nut free, lactose free etc) as well. That's a double WOW! You want more???

It then synchs in with the APP so you can see on your smart phone exactly what you should be eating on a daily basis and it gives you the option to make changes on the run if you haven't time to prepare your meals. It also re calculates your MACROS as you go. So easy

To add to that there is a fitness tracker that is second to none. It has your personal training plan for you to tick off and a variety of workouts you can do to help you achieve your cardio goals. You can even compete across the network as you achieve PBs. Our Exercise tabs show you what you have been doing within the studio with your trainer so you can see your progress and there are even video tutorials that assist you in training yourself. If you like running there are podcasts to improve your running. So comprehensive, I'm sure there is nothing else like it around

We then move to the important Education section where we endeavour to help you with a variety educational articles, entertaining videos, excellent cooking demonstrations, recipe ideas across all areas of food,  amazing success stories and a forum where you can communicate with trainers, clients and the team at head office to answer any of your questions or discuss any ideas. It is like a magazine full of fantastic ideas that you can flick through to educate yourself. (Without the gossip and airbrushed fake celebrity factor)

Finally our emotional support is second to none. It is available whenever you have time to complete a questionnaire and it will forward it to your trainer. What a great way to stay in touch and let them know how you're feeling about the transformation you are undertaking. Your progress checker makes it easy to see how far you have come and it's easy to down load your progress photos to assist in that late night motivation and decision to walk past the fridge without opening it.

So what do you do with this information now you have it?

Log on! Log on to Vision virtual training and have a look around. I always suggest to my clients instead of checking social media sites throughout the day; have a quick look at one of the articles. Teach your trainer something new and encourage your friends to get involved.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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