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Unity in Community

An important part of Vision PT is our commitment to building community. This is truly something we are proud of. Find out more here.
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Jo Hurst

A massive part of Vision Personal Training is our commitment to building community. This is something we are truly proud of and we work tirelessly to serve not only our client community but the local community that surrounds us.

So what are the benefits of the Vision Community?

WE are a group of local people who share the same values. Our Vision Values enable us to deliver HAPPINESS on a daily basis.

Health - Passionately pursuing a personal commitment to healthy eating and exercise

Actions - Taking ownership, accountability and responsibility for our actions

Professional - Maintaining professional relations with colleagues and clients

Promise -  Under promising and over delivering

Inspect - Inspecting the system for correction and propose all possible solutions if something is not working

Never ending - Embracing and driving change through never ending personal growth and learning

Exceptional - Delivering WOW through exceptional quality and consistency of service

Spirit - Building family spirit amongst our team and the network as a whole

Seek - Seeking to understand before we are understood

We know that our clients have the same beliefs as they tell us on a daily basis how much they love coming into the studio because it is so friendly, everyone is happy, it has changed my life.

What Vision does is so special because we really care about our clients and this is contagious - our clients start caring about each other and it builds into a positive place to be.

Coming along to group sessions is one of the essential elements of the community. Meeting people who love living a healthy life enables us to share our hopes and dreams and even find people to support us along the way. This can be useful when the tired old friendships are holding us back. A new positive influence may be the thing you need to help you enter a race, join run group, go to Camp Vision or even skydive - just some of the crazy things our clients have done together.

Attendance at Seminars and shopping tours also gives people a place to shine - you may be a budding master chef and have heaps of nutrition ideas to share or you may be an amazing success story for our clients to listen to and ask questions of.

Having a crack at our Hall of Fame or Weekly Challenge is a fun way to get competitive in the studio. Watching people give their best and trying to improve their own score is very motivating and makes you realise that we are capable of anything we put our mind to.

The events we organise throughout the year are the icing on the virtual calorie free cake for many of our clients. From fun runs and dinners to marathons and celebration dinners we know how to help you enjoy your new lifestyle.

Working with our local school to help the teachers provide great resources around health and fitness, sponsoring the local soccer club and fundraising for the gymnastics team to go to World Championships are many of the community services we provide. Our trainers are sportsmen and women and have a variety of areas of expertise and are often willing to take a training session and impart their knowledge and skill to others. We attend funruns and community events and assist in fundraising for charity on a regular basis.

SO next time you are in the Studio, or doing an outdoor session take a moment to be grateful for the people you are surrounded by. They are the community that we build our business on. And next time you're with your community take a moment to let them know about the Vision Community and maybe we can grow this. After all there is UNITY in community.



*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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