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Too Embarrassed to Workout?

Let Vision PT show you a 'gym' that isn't overwhelming and provides the confidence to train!
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Vision Personal Training St Ives at St Ives

Believe it or not you're not alone when it comes to being too embarrassed to exercise. Lack of time, money and motivation are the three top reasons for someone not to saddle up, put on the runners and get their backside into gear when it comes to exercise.


In addition to our usual 'excuses' not to get moving, a lack of confidence to getting started or too self-conscious to work out in front of people prevent action towards creating a happier you.


This pattern can lead to a vicious cycle of poor health and conditioning. If you don't work out, you won't improve your body shape or health and therefore the way you feel about your body doesn't change.


Does this sound like you or someone you know?


The key to developing longevity in your health and fitness is to understand that it doesn't happen overnight - there is no quick fix solution.


Creating an active and healthy lifestyle needs to be managed and taken in small achievable steps. If you are able to start with something small right now, then you can break this cycle.


To be healthy, adults need a minimum of 2.5hours of moderate exercise plus two days of strength training to prevent disease and conditions due to poor lifestyle choices.


How do I get started without feeling embarrassed?


Bite the Bullet


Just get on with it. The sooner you face your embarrassment the sooner you will realise that in actual fact there really isn't anything to be embarrassed about.


Ask the experts


If you don't know where to start than getting a Personal Trainer will guide you through your transition into a healthy active lifestyle. Having support from someone who is invested in your goals, desires and motives will not only get you to where you want to be quicker but in a way you can create longevity in your results. Having someone to greet you and walk you through each exercise takes away the fear of embarrassment and looking lost amongst the dumbbells.


After a few personal training sessions you will start to recognise some familiar faces and you will soon feel comfortable in your workout.


Get outside


Begin with something small such as heading outside for a walk. This will help get your body acclimated to exercise. Plan your walks and create your own routine and consistency.


Grab a buddy


Invite a friend along with you. Not only will it provide you with confidence but will also become more than 'just a work-out'. Believe it or not exercise is a great way to meet new people and become more social.


Dress the part


Okay, so we all have that one friend who always can be seen wearing gym gear, but do they actually work out? In all seriousness, make sure you are kitted out in workout gear that makes you feel great and comfortable about your body. Get yourself a good sturdy pair of training shoes - if they don't fit well you will lose focus on your workout, cause discomfort or injury.


Do what you love


One way to eliminate the fear of workout embarrassment and rid yourself of any insecurity is to find an exercise that you enjoy doing. This will have a positive impact on your emotions and mood and it will also be something that you will commit too. Commitment and consistency is key when it comes to creating an active lifestyle. Remember, life's too short to not enjoy it!


Lastly, how important is it that you become happier, healthier and more confident? Does it mean enough that you are strong enough to step out of your comfort zone and create an active lifestyle you enjoy?


Ask yourself, if I don't break this cycle what does this mean for my family? My children? My future?


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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