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The Turn Key

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Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Julie Graham at Engadine

Do you ever get to Week 4-5 in a 9 week period and feel like you have lost your mojo?

Feel like you are in a slump and spiralling and cannot see a way out?

Most 9 week periods are great and all fits together well, and then you have one where you feel the planets are not aligned and feel like giving up.

This is common for all at some point in their journey, but it's what you do next that counts!! Your mojo hasn't gone anywhere it's always there with you, your heart and soul, but what can you do?

Here are some key questions to ask yourself and some tips that can help:


Re-visit your goal.  Is it really what you want to do?  Is it realistic and achievable?  Are you doing everything you need to achieve your goal?  Does your goal need to change in any way?  Do you need to stretch yourself further outside your comfort zone to feel the tingles you get when you achieve something right outside the square for you?   Have you let you Circle of Influence know what your goal is so they can support you and keep you accountable? 

Speak with your Trainer and maybe reassess your goal.


Has your food changed?  Have you taken those energy packed carbs out of your meal plans in an effort to lose more weight?  Are your carbs in the morning higher than the rest of the day so that you start your day well with lots of nutritional energy?

Maybe put the energy packed carbs back in the mornings because the energy you get from food plays a big part in how you feel. 


Have you increased the amount of hours in your cardio plan?  Are these increased hours realistic in your life?  Are you over-training and under-eating (sneaking in those extra hours of cardio)?

The balance of food and exercise is really important.  The right balance of energy intake and energy expenditure allows your body to fuel and re-fuel and provide you with the right amount of energy to undertake everyday activities.

Re-visit your cardio plan and look closely at what you are asking your body to do.


Do you buddy up with someone in the Studio when you come in?  Is there someone you connect with in or out of the Studio who is really motivated and you bounce off their energy?  If that like-minded person someone is not part of our Vision family what about getting them to start their own journey and bounce off each other in the Studio?

Create an energy-enriched environment for yourself by talking to someone who is new to the Studio and take them under your wing by showing them the fun we have in everything we do.


In essence, do you want to stay in B.E.D and use blame, excuses and denial or do you want to play above the sexy red line and really take ownership and responsibility for the goal you have set then allow others to help keep you accountable.

This slump is temporary and not an isolated event but the awesome thing is that there is always someone who has been there and is willing to help you re-ignite the fire within you.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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