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The Real Reason we need Health and Fitness Professionals

In this Vision article we discuss the real reason we really need health and fitness professionals. Click here to read more.
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Ryan Bartlett at Surrey Hills

We've all said it before…


What's the best diet for weight loss? What's the best exercise for toning up? How do I figure out what will work for me?


Let me ask you this…


What's the best way to raise children? What's the best way to make $1,000,000? Where's the best place to buy a house?


These are general questions. General questions lead to general advice (which is usually the cheapest form of advice, but can be the most expensive long term)


It's been PROVEN.


9/10 people who follow general eating and exercise plans FAIL to achieve long- term results.


Want to know the secret most health professionals won't tell you?


Here are some stats about the health of the Australian Population…

  • In 2017 - 65% of adults are overweight or obese.
  • In 2020 - Over 75% of adults are predicted to be overweight or obese.
  • Over half (55.7%) of Australians are trying to lose weight.
  • Only 30% of Australians who are obese described their weight status as obese.
  • Only one in three obese people are concerned about their weight.


Can you guess the secret?


More and more people are trying to lose weight, but we are getting fatter as a nation. General Diets and fad exercise plans aren't working!


We have been lured over and over again with Diet books, low-calorie, fat-free, and sugar-free foods, juice diets, cleanses and detoxes, with the promises of fast and easy weight loss, only to regain the weight lost, and some!


But what does this really mean?


  1. Until you ask yourself the right questions you will never achieve the body, health or happiness you deserve.
  2. Until you have compelling enough reason (more than just 'I want to be fitter') you will give up when it gets tough, or inconvenient.
  3. Until you overcome your self-limiting beliefs (I've always been this way and I've tried everything and nothing works) you will never commit to anything.
  4. Until you manage and take control of your emotional state, you will never be in a position to make positive changes.


Losing weight and creating a better life is about much more than knowing how many calories you need, which foods to avoid, or how much cardio you should do. It's about facing and conquering barriers head-on. It's about learning from some adversities and getting back on your feet. It's about creating healthy lifelong habits around eating and exercise. And it is all nearly impossible to do alone.

To truly change your life, you need to identify and overcome obstacles, to constantly set and work towards new goals, and to implement a practical and effective system for success.


Overwhelmed yet?


Don't be.


A qualified professional with experience and expertise in nutrition, weight management, fitness, and wellness is necessary to design the perfect diet and exercise program for you, which includes not only meal plans and tips, but ongoing communication, motivation, and support every step of the way. This involves helping you set reasonable goals, providing the tools you need to succeed, answering your questions, and helping you adjust to your new healthy lifestyle.  


Not convinced? Here are more reasons why working with a team of professionals is the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off


We teach you what, why, when, and how

Let's face it. You could try and learn from any one of a zillion books, web sites, and well-meaning family members and friends. But an expert takes the time to understand your unique goals and needs, and teaches you not only what to do step by step, but why, when, and how to do it. Only then will your new behaviours become meaningful and effective over the long term.


We monitor your progress and adapt your program when needed

An effective lifestyle plan can't be static. It must be adaptable and adjustable to your ever-changing needs and goals. We make sure that you stay on track and will respond when there's a need to tweak your program.


We respond to obstacles when they arise

Ongoing communication is paramount to your success. Coaches listen, understand, and respond to your questions and concerns as they come up. This keeps you on track.


We support you

Changing habits is hard. Some days are tougher than others, and sometimes you may feel like giving up. We know how to get you back into a positive mindset and effectively guide you back on your path. We are on this journey together.


We hold you accountable

You are ultimately responsible for your own successes and failures, but we take a personal responsibility to ensure that you experience ongoing progress. If you plateau or become frustrated, we work together to identify the root of the problem, address it with you, and help you readjust your goals and expectations. 


We are on your side

Weight loss and gain, food issues, and body image are very emotional in nature. But these issues are an integral part of your journey. We are non-judgmental and objective, helping to build a trust that enhances our relationship and, ultimately, leads you to victory. 


Vision Personal Training is recognised as among the best Personal Trainers in the industry. We hold internationally recognised certifications, and are constantly updating our skills to ensure our clients receive the latest and best advice. Your trainer will be committed to inspiring you to achieve your own personal bests along your journey. You will truly amaze yourself with what you are capable of doing and achieving in your sessions and with your results.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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