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The Importance of Exercise and looking after your Body!

Exercise and looking after your body has physical and mental benefits that will improve a person's quality of life.
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Adin Scalone - VPT Wahroonga, Phyllis Ng - Tensegrity Clinics Wahroonga at Wahroonga

Stop and think to yourself for a moment; do you want to feel happier, have more energy and add years to your life?


Exercise and movement have a number of physical and mental benefits that will not only improve a person's quality of life, happiness and also increase longevity.

Every day, people are in a constant battle between activity and being stationary (sitting on the couch).
As a society we are making life 'easier' through technology, processes and convenience. The likes of Netflix, Stan and gaming to ordering our shopping online for groceries and clothes, and UberEats are some examples that is causing us to move less which in turn reduces our energy and increases the likelihood of laziness taking over our lives! Are we becoming smarter or lazier? Healthier or overweight?


There are many positives in which exercise brings to someone's life.

  1. Exercise can help with weight loss: aerobic exercise and resistance training can maximize a person's fat loss and muscle mass maintenance. This is essential for not only losing weight but also keeping weight off.  
  2. Exercise is great for your bones: this is very important throughout our development as bone density is at its highest in our 20's and for the prevention of osteoporosis in our older years.
  3. Exercise can promote better sleep: Regular exercise can help you have a better quality of sleep!
  4. Exercise can be very good socially: meet new people who are on the same journey as you; whether that be losing weight, training for a sport or event or just exercising to stay fit and healthy. You may also meet people who have been through the journey you are on and they will help you reach your goals! You may even make some lifelong friends!
  5. Exercise makes you happy: When you exercise, your brain produces positive endorphins which create a positive feeling and decrease the likelihood of depression!
  6. Exercise can help with joint health: If you don't use it, you will lose it. We are more aware of making sure our organs are healthy by avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol. But what about our joints and muscles? Regular exercise, movement and control of function of your joints, tendons/ligaments and muscles will help with joint health.
  7. Exercise can prevent muscle damage: Regular use of the muscles effectively will increase the tone and flexibility. This will allow you to use your body better and longer to enjoy all the things in life for example running around with grandchildren.
  8. Exercise can reduce inflammation: When you start exercising and moving your muscles, your muscle cells release a small protein called Interleukin 6, or IL-6, which appears to play an important role in fighting inflammation.


So, if you need help with your health, nutrition, fitness and goals come and see the team at Vision PT Wahroonga! It's a great community with lots of fun friendly faces!

And when you are getting started, want to check your movement and function of your body; maintenance or feeling tight and stiff - come and see the guys over at Tensegrity experts in movement and function.

Together we can all make this world healthier and happier!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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