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The 6 Human Needs!

The 6 human needs, everyone has them, we just prioritise them differently to each other. Vision Personal Training outline what they are
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Fitness and Training

By Luke Carnevale at Wahroonga

The 6 human needs!


The 6 human needs, everyone has them, we just prioritise them differently to each other. The top 2 you value the most determines your direction in life which eventually gets you to your ultimate destiny. However, 2 people can have the same needs but a different belief of what it takes to be that need. In the life most of society lives today most needs are met in the moment but not long term. Our needs can be met through positive negative or neutral ways! Most people meet there needs by ensuring they are achievable and obtainable but the problem is that not enough people's needs become sustainable. This often leads to a lack of results in the long term! So much so that people will give up their goals, dreams or values to meet their needs. Any time your mind perceives that doing something, feeling something or believing something meets at least 3 of your needs, you're going to become addicted to that thought, feeling, emotion or action. This may be a positive or negative addiction, but it will become an addiction. So, what are these human needs?


1.            Certainty - Certainty can be met in all different types of ways. For example, anger can help assure people of certainty in a life that is uncertain. Looking in a more positive direction someone people could go running or do a workout to get the blood pumping and feel certain of achieving their fitness needs and goals with no negative side effects! Our needs are met in both positive and negative ways so much so that problems that have stuck around in our lives have stuck around because they meet some of our needs, now this may not be all of them or you wouldn't want to disconnect from it! But enough to make it hard for you to give that problem, worry or addiction up! So, if certainty makes up our first human need our second human need is the need for uncertainty.


2.            Uncertainty - If we lived in a world where we can predict what is going to happen before those events take place it would lead to boredom and lack of variety. Now who values the need for certainty? Who loves the need for surprise? If you're thinking this is you, I would suggest thinking again because most of us only want the surprises we want!! We don't like the shock of losing our job, losing family, unforeseen and unexpected circumstances that place us under stress! Very few of us do! Those that do love that surprise and place that as a priority often thrive on those situations of getting themselves out of those tricky situations and are often quite calm under pressure! So that's the first two for us, certainty and uncertainty.



3.            Significance - Our third human need the need for significance, one in my eyes that is a majority of the world's main need! The need to feel unique special and important all comes down to the need of significance. You can feel special in 2 ways, gaining it through our hard work and achievements or they can meet significance by tearing those around them down and being destructive to others. Violence these days is a prime example of people lacking significance as they try take matters into their own hands! Everybody has ways to become significant, it can be the way you dress, it can come from your talents you have, or the number of tattoos you may have but everybody has the need for significance. Most people however find a way to be significant by having a significant problem. They create big problems as a way to connect to avoid rejection from others! When you think about it, we don't try and compete and compare our problems to others do we? We more often than not turn and say to that person "I understand" which in the end leaves that person with the problem feeling significant over those around them at something! Again, these human needs can be either positive neutral or negative! Which leads us to our 4th human need of love and connection.



4.            Love and connection - In my eyes a greatly sought out need from a lot of the world, although most people have had love and lost it, so as a result most settle for connection, and this can happen in many different ways! You can have positive connection or negative connection but connection happens when your life is placed in someone else's hands, this may be in a relationship with a partner or an extreme case of having a gun held to your head! Both hit the need of connection one is just on a significantly different more crazy scale to the other. The question is never about IF you're going to meet your needs as connection can be found in many ways whether prayer, gifts or giving is. The question is HOW you are going to meet your needs. The biggest addiction in our society today is problems as discussed before as they allow us to try and deal with our deepest fear that we aren't enough or not feeling loved enough, so rather they make excuses to meet their needs or simply just settle for connection with the loss of love as a need in their life.


5.            Growth (spiritual) - Now spiritual doesn't mean religious is simply means it comes from within. "We grow or we die there is no plateaus in life"! "Progress equals happiness" Tony robins stated that! You must keep setting goals keep striving for more and keep striving forward! "The purpose of a goal isn't to achieve that goal, it's who you become when working to achieve that goal"- Tony Robins. What we get from our achievements isn't what makes us happy, it's what we become that makes us most satisfied and happy in life!! Growth is such a big thing and can happen in the smallest of ways from waking up 30 minutes earlier to changing your diet in a small way but if aren't making progress we are hitting what's called reversibility and heading backwards! Growth is a bit thing that people again look to achieve but it becomes a short term thing rather than a long term habit and way of life! A lot of leaders in life aspire to grow every day and a lot of those who like to follow the social norm don't place growth as a high priority and that's okay! Remembering as stated at the top not everyone's goals and human needs are prioritised the same way!



6.            Contribution (spiritual) - Growth and contribution is two of the biggest needs that gives us the most joy in life and is what so much of society craves to give the most! The feeling of contribution can be found through our Jobs our relationships or even friendships in adding value to someone's life! This leaves us feeling special that we have added value in some way to others lives!


So, there we have it, the 6 human needs and a bit of a breakdown for you to try and wrap your head around! Try and discover what you prioritise and build up an understanding so that you can understand and make a difference in your own and others' lives today!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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