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Six tips for a great Mini Mos

Participating in the mini-mos? At Vision PT, we've got the tips you need to have a great race day. Read more here.
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Joe Sprange

The 2015 Mini Mos is not far away. I first ran it as a young boy, initially the 2km, before stepping up the 10km for the first time when I was 10. Having done it numerous times since, my tips are:

1. It is FUN run so have fun! Train with colleagues, family and friends, and don't forget to smile.

2. Plan your training. A plan always improves the chances of success. Train for the distance first, then for speed. Progress yourself up to the race distance.

3. Your program needs to include long slow distance and speed work.

4. Progress slowly, and don't increase your training by more than 10% a week. It will protect you from injury.

5. Your need to fuel yourself with premium unleaded good fuel = good performance. Fuelling for weight loss and athletic performance is different. If you are training for events that last for longer than 60 minutes you will need to adjust your food intake before, during and after your training sessions.

6. On race day, take it easy in the first 5km. There are a lot of hills in the back half of the course, my team will be providing pacers for 45min, 50min, 60min, so look out for them.

Good Luck and please don't hesitant to contact my team or I if we can help you with a program to achieve an outstanding Mini Mos.


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