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Overcoming fear when starting at a new 'gym'

Read about how to overcome fear when starting at a new gym. Vision PT's trainer chris provides some tips to get started.
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Chris Chatfield at Hunter Street (Sydney CBD)

I have a confession to make. I dread starting at a new studio, gym or fitness facility. Yup, I'm a Personal Trainer and I'm scared of new training environments.

Let me explain. When I first started 'going to the gym' (many moons ago when I was in my twenties) I always trained with friends. We knew all the moves and we knew all the people. It felt like home.

Today, the daily demands of work and parenting means organising anything with friends involves 12 weeks of precision-planning. Impromptu training sessions with mates are a thing of the past. As a Personal Trainer, it's important I experience new fitness trends and facilities to understand how they work and increase my coaching knowledge.  However, this often means I train alone.

That is a daunting feeling. Going through the door and being bombarded by new faces, new smells, new equipment, new music and new rules. Everyone else seems to know exactly what's going on. It's overwhelming.

However, over the years I've come to realise something. Most other people in a studio have no idea what's going on either, and from the hundreds of new clients I've taken I can tell you that the vast majority have the same concerns. With that in mind, I'd like to share a few tips on how you can feel at ease during your journey with Vision Personal Training Hunter Street.

Have a goal. After an initial consultation at Vision Personal Training Hunter Street, your first appointment will be a Goal Session. Beforehand it's a good idea to think about what you're really trying to achieve and WHY. However, you don't need to have it absolutely nailed down, your Trainer will be able to help you dig deep into why you're there and why you walked through the door in the first place. When you've both agreed on a unique goal, use it as a mantra to hold on to throughout your journey. It will help remind you why you started.

  • Get to know the trainers. At Vision we pride ourselves on having teams of trainers who will go out of their way to be friendly and approachable. We want to make you feel at home while also getting to know you. So, when the person in the red top comes over to say hi, embrace it! (figuratively speaking of course).
  • Participate in Group Training Sessions. Vision offers a variety of group training. Try different sessions until you find one (or several) that fit your vibe. When you find a group session(s) you love, you've likely found your 'tribe', making it easier to strike up conversations with others. And guess what - those 'groupies' train the studio too, with their own unique goals and challenges. So next time you're in, make a connection and say 'Hi!' to someone you haven't met before!
  • Be sociable. Talk with other clients. A friendly comment such as 'great work!', or 'you're looking great!' can go a long way. ('Nice ASICS' works well at our studio, as we have a few shoe fanatics.) You'll be surprised how many people appreciate a positive vibe sent their way. In addition, we'll introduce you to like-minded Visionaries along the way. One of my greatest joys is seeing two clients I've introduced chatting to each other without me.
  • Know you're never alone. It's not always the fear of entering a new training environment that can put people off, but the worry about what you're supposed to be doing outside of the studio to reach your goals. We will support you throughout your entire journey - not just when you're in our studio for your PT sessions. We help plan your physical activity throughout your week, from exercising alone to when you're going to take the dog on long walks. And, we're available 24/7 to help you make informed nutrition decisions - an essential part of reaching your goals.

See you in the studio!

- Chris Chatfield


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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