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My Why Wakes Me Up

Read about Vision Personal Trainer Joshua's why and what makes hime wake up at 5am every morning to be a personal trainer.
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Joshua Grant-Foster at Neutral Bay

My Why Wakes Me Up

Article by Joshua Grant-Foster


Let me start by being open with you and telling you my overall why. Why I wake up every morning and why I am a Personal Trainer. My why is what I refer to as a long term why, a why that won't be completed tomorrow, or in 9 weeks, but a why that will be felt overtime. My why is this;


To passionately lead growth creating a legacy.


Now I will admit that my why was not created in my own head and solely for myself. My why came about during a Team Alignment with my fellow trainers from the Vision Neutral Bay Studio, which precisely reads, "Our loyal family passionately leads growth to create a legacy." We call that our family creed. Something we live by and something we all hold each other accountable too.


I can honestly say that on that Friday afternoon, my view on being a Personal Trainer completely changed. I wasn't going to just turn up and run clients through sessions, take my 3 group sessions a week, do my weekly reports and simply exist within what was expected of me anymore. That was a why that was leaving me un-fulfilled and dangerously for a high I type personality, quite bored.


I decided that all of my clients and everyone else that came through our studios doors was going to go home and say, "god that Josh from Vision loves what he does". I was going to lead by example. If I wasn't excited, why should they be? If I wasn't completely invested in them, why should they be invested in the Vision process? I decided that I was going to lead as many people as I could get my hands onto to new heights and new possibilities. I wanted to give them no other option but to say, "that Joshua Grant-Foster changed my life." I decided then and there that my why was to create a legacy of being someone who didn't just exist within his role, but smashed those self-perceptions away and ignited peoples imaginations to do what they never thought possible and do everything in my power to help them get to be where they wanted. That is my why and my why wakes me up every single morning.


Enough about me and my why, lets now discover your why. Your fire deep down that drives you. That excites you. That makes you feel untouchable. That's the passion you need to embrace and continue feeding through hard work and dedication so it can manifest into something greater.


I am a firm believer in the idea of writing down your goals. It can be typed up formally on a word document and stuck to your fridge so that you are reminded of your goals before you grab something you shouldn't be. Whether it is hand written and folded up in your wallet so you can look at it whenever you desire, writing down your goals creates that visual reminder of what you want to achieve. This is something that I deem very important to be able to go back to and remind yourself of what it is exactly that you want to achieve and be.


Now to what I believe to be the most important part of achieving personal growth. When you read that goal of yours, does something inside of you light up? Does your imagination start running with excitement towards the endless possibilities of what you can do and be? Does it make you want to stop everything you are doing and just drop to the ground and punch out as many push ups you can possibly do in one go? If so, you have your why. If not, I implore you to rethink your goals and find something that will really make you look in the mirror, stand tall and be proud of what you see looking back at you.


A goal put quite simply is an idea. At the inception of an idea though, the brain will do one of two things. It can reject the idea, due to self-perceptions that exist as well as a fear of failure that may exist within due to previous experiences. The second reaction the brain can have is to organize our idea into a set of plans; then transform those plans into a reality in our mind. This is the very beginning of our endless imagination taking hold of our ideas and lighting that spark within, reinforcing that ever important why.


We all have opportunities to be exceptional. These opportunities that are available to all of us however are unfortunately too often killed by the fear of failure. Like most things in life, failure can become a habit. For some people a fear of failure is a default setting that provides an internal excuse for not doing what they said they would do in the very beginning. Rather than being deterred by a fear of failure and simply walking away, embrace a tough personal challenge, remember what it is you want and why you want to achieve your goals and you will create a momentum and self-belief that will manifest into a courageous consistency that will take you to endless possibilities.


In the words of my favourite motivational speaker Eric Thomas, who I implore all of you who read this article to search on YouTube, "you don't have to be the most talented, you don't have to be gifted, the quickest, the strongest, you don't have to be the most intelligent", all you have to do is "make the decision that you will never beat yourself and take the opportunity of a lifetime, in the lifetime of the opportunity."


Good luck and I hope you all find your 'why' that enables you to achieve your dreams.


Joshua Grant-Foster.





*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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