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What is responsibility?
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Robbie Mattei at St Leonards

What is responsibility?

It is the opportunity to foresee the consequences of our own behaviour. What do we need to do with it? Use the opportunity to foresee and then be able to correct it by using that foresight.

What does being responsible mean?

Being responsible means taking accountability of the outcome of our actions, committing to what we said we would do and accepting the consequences that result from those actions or at times inaction. 

Do you take responsibility for how you treat your body?

If you have gone too far with your intake of fat for the day, what actions can you take with the food or the exercise on the next day?

And if you have gone too far with your drinks so far this week, what will you do to continue to stick to your weekly drinking goal made with your trainer during your last goal session or how can you make up for the additional drinks?

Are you being honest with yourself when you weigh-in and you see that it's not what you were hoping for? This is your responsibility to your own self.



The concept of responsibility implies the freedom in decision making. It means that anybody is responsible for their own actions because they have been made based on a free choice and not due to other external conditions.

Unless you are FORCED into doing something, you are fully responsible for the decisions you make. I encourage you to ask yourself in different setting and situations, "does this go against my goals and your efforts toward them, or propel me towards them?"

  1. g. Not making the cardio session that you were supposed to do last Wednesday. Have you made up for it or are you just going to not do it?

What do you do if your friends or your colleagues invite you for a "big night"?



Nobody is telling you to not enjoy your life. Fun activities are one of the most important aspects of our life. They help you through stressful periods and keep you up with positivity and new energy. However, can these activities be called "fun" without being alcohol or junk food compulsory?

Any and every decision you make in your life has consequences - positive or negative.

When you decided to join us at Vision, you committed to have a healthier lifestyle and to change those little bad habits you used to have. That decision had consequences. We call them RESULTS.

You have invested your money and sacrificed time to improve your own health and fitness, and maybe even be "responsible" for positively influencing someone else to do the same.

Are you responsible enough to continue the journey, continue progressing (no matter how small or large the progress seems to be) to avoid regressing?




Let's reflect by making an imaginary example.

What would you do if you were allowed by the Government to own only one car in your life?

What if you were not allowed to drive any other car but just that one?

How well would you look after it? In what condition would you keep it both inside and out?

Obviously, that's just imaginary or an idea of having the one and only the one vehicle your entire life. I think you know where I am going with this point…. Your body IS that car.

You are responsible for how you treat your body because whether you like it or not: you are only allowed to have one in your entire life.

You know you can do it and you know how your decision making effects your wellness. Please, I cannot stress to you enough how important is to share with your loved ones, your friends, your trainer the uncertainty of your decision making. Don't be afraid to sit in a room with a door closed and explain all of your issues and potential barriers in maintaining that healthy lifestyle. We all only want the best for you and we are always happy to feed your emotions with open heart.

Play above the line, be safe, be healthy, be responsible.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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