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How to become a Morning Person

If you struggle to get yourself up early in the morning then this is for you! Let Vision PT show you how easy it can be to become a 'morning person'.
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Deni Curtis at Surry Hills

How to be a morning person

I firmly believe that our thoughts create our reality. You can choose how to feel about any situation, and how you feel will dictate your response and your reality.

More and more I am having people complain to me about how 'busy' they are. 'Busy' is the most commonly used excuse for why people have neglected their health and fitness, or haven't followed through on their intentions.

It never really sits well with me. Is how 'busy' or how 'stressed' you feel meant to reflect how hard you work or how successful you are?

What does being busy even mean? What is the alternative?

Having nothing to do? Placing limitations on your self?


If you do indeed feel 'busy' I would like you to reflect on whether this is actually true, or if you are in fact just unorganized?

Would an extra hour or two in your day make the world of difference?

Over a week that would be 14 extra hours of productivity that could alleviate you from feeling overwhelmed and 'busy'.


Each day, I give myself the first hour of the morning to dedicate to my health and wellbeing. Initially, I was forced to become a 'morning person' out of necessity - it was the only time in the day that I was not pressed for time and I could commit to getting my training done. It was my answer to not using being 'busy' as an excuse to neglect my health.


Over time, my morning sessions have become much more than just a time for me to exercise. I no longer need to get up so early - but I still choose to. Why? That first hour allows me to take time to myself, bring clarity to my intentions for the day and head off to work feeling alert, energised and strong enough to take on whatever life throws at me. Once you see and feel the results of consistently starting your day with movement, a little sweat and a sense of achievement - you will wonder why you waited so long to become a morning person!


Here are some helpful tips for becoming a morning person:

If you don't wake up feeling inspired and excited to make things happen within the next 24 hours…. You are yet to find your best life. Think about what it would take to make you jump out of bed, rather than roll over each morning.

"It is hard to stop someone who knows where they are going".

The key to getting motivated, and staying motivated all comes down to how strong your goal setting has been - setting clear long term, mid term and short terms goals will light the fire in you to get your engine up and running every day!


Make the decision the night before, that you will rise as soon as your alarm wakes you in the morning. Consciously telling yourself that you WILL rise and face the day with a proactive attitude - rather than rolling over with apathy. In creating this mindset before you go to sleep, you are bringing clarity to your expectations. Create an affirmation for yourself that resonates with your current goals 'I am becoming fitter and stronger every day', 'I am making progress every day', 'I am making positive choices for myself' - and say this to yourself as your alarm goes off!


Have a clear training plan, and training program to follow. It definitely would not feel motivating to get out of bed, invest time at the gym and not know whether it has been time well spent. A structured training plan will excite you! Know exactly what your plan of attack is for your workout for the next day, before you go to bed and you will wake up with a sense of purpose


Be organised. The last thing you want to be doing in the morning is searching through the laundry basket for a clean pair of socks! Have your work out gear laid out from the night before so you can simply wake up, get dressed and walk out the door - without having to think about it too much! But do not forget to pack your gym bag too ! Have all the things you will need, like a water bottle, towel, headphones all packed in your back - there is nothing more frustrating than making the huge effort to get up and get to the gym and realising you have forgotten something at home!


Think of the ways the benefits of getting up and getting on with it outweigh your desire to stay in bed a little longer. A huge motivating factor for me is the fact that earlier in the morning, there is very little traffic on the roads and so my commute is far less stressful and time consuming!


Last but not least .....Just do it! You may never love mornings, but you will come to love the way it feels to start your day actioning the intentions you have for your health, fitness and wellbeing!



*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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