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Gym Phobia ? 4 Confidence Builders to boost your motivation!

Are you afraid to step foot into a fitness-based environment? Let us show you how to begin smashing goals in our friendly Studios with confidence!
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Deni Curtis at Surry Hills

Does just the very thought of entering a gym or fitness facility make you sweat? Many people experience feelings of anxiety and apprehension about exercising - and this hesitation prevents them from ever beginning a program! 

For some, it could be that they have never trained before and simply do not know where to start!

For others, it could be that they have unfortunately had a bad experience in the past that is preventing them from giving themselves the opportunity to try again!

Gym phobia is common, and at Vision Personal Training we understand that clients beginning a new program need to be treated with patience and understanding.

Here are 4 ways to build your confidence when looking to begin a health and fitness journey - sure fire ways to ensure you action your intentions and stay on track for results! 



Have a Program to follow


Having clarity around what you are going to do in the gym when you are there will alleviate feelings of apprehension. A clear, structured exercise program will ensure you have a sense of purpose for the time you are investing. Don't have the time to spend thinking about what you are going to do each time? Having a trainer to create, implement and monitor a program based on the specific results will alleviate you of this task - and allow you to simply show up feeling focused and motivated!


Wear Comfortable Clothing


The results we work towards in the studio cannot be given to us - we have to put in the time, dedication and sweat it takes for our bodies to change. No one piece of clothing can magically make us run faster, or lift more - you certainly have to put in the work.

However,you do not want to be wearing gear that you need to pull, adjust and be distracted by during your session - it distracts from your workout and is simply annoying to deal with! When exercising it is important that you are focusing on your body, and performing each movement correctly to ensure you are getting the most out of your workout, and avoiding injury.

You shouldn't simply be pulling on some sweat pants and a t-shirt for your session -it can be beneficial to invest in workout gear that not only looks good, but is functional!

Quality pieces are an investment worth considering. I recommend you try on items before purchasing to make sure that they sit comfortably on your body and give you the support you need (Jumping around a change room is encouraged!). Your sessions should be a time to focus on your body - don't let uncomfortable, sweat filled, unsupportive clothing get in the way of your best effort!


Train with a Friend


Encouragement and support from someone close to you can be invaluable! Especially if that friend is on the same health and fitness journey and can relate to your new active lifestyle and the challenges you may be experiencing. It can be reassuring and comforting to have a friend that you see regularly when you are exercising - maybe you have personal training sessions at the same time, do the same group cardio session together or organise to meet during the week to go for walks together. Asking a friend to join you will add a strong element of accountability for you both - this can be the driving force that ensures you follow your training plan! Do it together! Your exercise sessions can be a great opportunity to catch up with each other, and that will motivate you to get to the gym whether you feel like it or not!


Reward Yourself - NOW!


Don't just focus on your overall weightloss goal. Split your training into short term achievable goals to make it easy for you to get constant success.
Celebrate progress each week! Treat yourself with rewards each week to ensure you are enjoying the journey - book a massage, get a pedicure, buy yourself fresh flowers - whatever you like to appreciate the efforts you have made! The feeling of progress and success will lead you to more progress and greater success!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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