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Five Tips to Help Keeping Your Motivation High

So, you've decided to do something great!

By Megan Fogorty, Personal Trainer at Mosman

So, you've decided to do something great! You've decided to undertake a new exercise journey, or you are currently training and you're finding that you don't have the drive that you used to? The first step to consider is - are you motivated?

Motivation can come from all different avenues. The key to consistency is your motivation. It assists you to build and solidify your new healthy habits. Motivation may seem difficult to get and so easy to lose. Here are five tips to help keep your motivation high so that you can focus on your training goals and make progress.

1. Find your ‘Why’: Find the purpose of why you want to begin this new journey. Why do you want to do it? From there you can continue the questions to ask how you're going to do it, and what you're going to do to fulfill your purpose. Having one main purpose you can always refer to when feeling a little low can help give you that little push.

2. Find your support system: Let someone close to you (friend/family/partner) know about what you are about to undertake. It can be a big driving factor in your motivation. Let them know that need their support throughout your journey. It's always a great feeling when someone close to you cares about your wellbeing, can tell you how proud they are of you or can be straight with you and let you know if you're slacking. Find someone to lean on and use them wisely!

3. Take before and after photos: No one likes taking the 'before' photos - I know I don't. However, think of the initial photo as a quick snapshot in that present time of who you are. You don't have to look at it every day, it's just a start point - establishing a new habit takes a minimum 3 months. Taking before and after photos can give you such an accomplished feeling when you reflect on the changes.

4. Have a detailed plan: Make a visual list or guide for yourself. Note down all that you wish to achieve that week with your exercise and/or eating. Being able to physically see these goals and being able to tick them off once completed gives you a great feeling of satisfaction which will only help that motivation grow!

5. Reflect on how you feel and note it down: Writing down thoughts/feelings/aspirations is very helpful. Grab yourself a diary and think about how you felt before starting this exercise journey. Do you still feel that way? If yes, why do you think that is? Do you want to change how you feel? What can you do to change it? If no, reflect on your journey and be proud - not just your exercise and eating journey but everything else in between - mental health, sleeping, appearance, your general feeling of happiness. If you're feeling like you have achieved what you wanted, now is the time to sit down again and find your new purpose to keep that motivation going.

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