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Exercise Can Boost Your Career

How regular exercise improves productivity in the workplace

By Sean Hillier, PT Trainer at Caringbah

Most people can rattle off a list of reasons on how exercise benefits your everyday life, but how many can list the benefits that exercises gives towards your career?

Regular exercise will open the door to increased productivity and thus growth, not only to the individual employee who is eagerly aiming to climb the corporate ladder but to the never-ending pressures of the business itself to perform and grow in this forever changing world.

I want you to imagine a world where no one in the workplace takes sick days which results in less missed days in a year. Everybody has improved stress management leading to higher focus levels which leads to each employee completing their roles more efficiently. You may be thinking that sounds like everybody will be more fatigued due to doing so much more? Well, you would be mistaken, everybody will have improved sleep levels too which will keep energy levels high. Now tell me, will your workplace have increased productivity and profitability with all those improved factors?

Now maybe you are sitting there thinking that’s all good if it were possible, let me elaborate on how it is possible…

Immune System
Studies suggest that moderate exercise (30-60mins) in a day, results in an increased number of circulating Leukocytes. Leukocytes are the white blood cells that assist the body to fight infection and disease. Meaning an increased ability to fight infections, colds and flus among other common illness that will lead to sick days being used.

Stress Management
Exercise promotes the release of the hormones Endorphins in the body which is attributed to a reduction stress and a boost in mood. Also commonly referred to as “runner’s high”. Maintaining regular exercise routines thus allow you to manage your stress levels ongoing

Improved Sleep
Research has shown that moderate aerobic exercise increases the body’s ability to fall into slow wave sleep or better known as “deep sleep”. Deep sleep is when the body and mind is able to recover the most. The stress relief caused by exercise too is associated with being able to fall into the deep sleep state easier.

To summarize, prioritizing exercise in your day even just 30mins is enough to have significant benefits to workflow and productivity in the workplace. By leaving some time to prioritize your health you can see it accelerate your results in your career or business.

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