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Client's Top Tip Series

Here at Vision PT we love to hear from you. Have a read to hear some top tips for success from some of your fellow Vision PT clients - Series 1
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Drew Robinson at Prahran

Here at Vision we love sharing stories from our clients whether as we feel that they may be able to help others from experiences they have had in their fitness journey. Here we have asked 3 of our clients a couple of questions. Each client has had ups and downs along their journey so we wanted to find out the advice they would give someone in a similar situation but also what they have had to change in their lifestyle to reach the goals they want.

Lee's journey so far:

Lee is a very keen cyclist and has constantly weighed in over 100kgs. There have been many discussions on what to do to get his weight lower as added weight on the bike is not very good for climbing hills. And if you don't believe me ask Lee. So, after talking for 2 years about tracking food and the benefit it can have, Lee had a great suggestion about tracking his food. Lee now constantly weighs in under 100kg now and feels so much better on the bike.

Lee's top advice:

  • Own your outcome; it's all up to you! Vision and your trainer will provide massive support but it's you that does the exercise and eating.
  • Never say could of… would of… shout of… but
  • Enter a 9 week challenge and complete your diary 100%, no matter the outcome you will learn a lot about nutrition. Losing weight does not mean eating less it means eating well, learn your macros and learn how to fill up and stay within your targets.
  • Don't go out for meals hungry, you will simply overeat.
  • When you go off track, that's ok, don't beat yourself up; get it in the diary and workout what you're going to do to get it back on track.

What's next for Lee?

Lee being a keen cyclist wants to take on the hardest amateur cycle race in the world (Haurte Route, in the French Alps), but understands tracking his food is of upmost importance if he wants to hit his desired weight for the race due to the amount of hills he will have to climb


Keep your eye out for our next client's top tips from Meredith

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