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Busselton Ironman Report - Post Race Wrap Up

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Fitness and Training

By Alexandra Anasson

Busso IM Race Report - THE POST RACE


When I knew I had come third, I checked the Kona slot allocation on the wall at recovery and wasn't surprised to see only one slot was allocated to my AG. So, when speaking to my husband said "don't worry I won't have to spend lots of money tomorrow at roll down". After previous IM's I have never been able to enjoy post-race festivities due to how ill I have felt - I've come straight through the line and straight to bed.

This time I was delighted to spend time in recovery talking to other athletes and see my friends-especially being there as my training buddy Damian Walsh finished - so good to be able to share the moment with him after spending so much of the year training together. I was able to enjoy the company of friends at the pub too and my friends Courtney Lornie and Sarah Bate finish their race! It made the whole experience even better-being able to walk around for a few hours after!

The next day we enjoyed a well earned Espresso Martini and headed over to Kona roll down "just to see what happens". No expectations at all. Knowing there was only one slot, it was highly unlikely I would get a spot. Incredibly one of the older age categories didn't have an athlete taking the slot, so that slot rolled to my AG-making two slots now. Still, with two ahead of me, it was unlikely I would get one. So, imagine my surprise when the athlete who came first stepped forward when her name was called and said she didn't want to take her slot. The disbelief that I was going to get a slot was immense and a lot to take in, in the short time I had before my name was called.


I could barely contain myself as Pete Murray said my name and as I rushed up to the stage, he mentioned that I was "one lucky lady"-the understatement of the year. My hands were shaking so bad as I filled in the registration form it looked like a three year wrote on it. Later when I accepted my 3rd place trophy, I said thank you to the athlete in first who didn't take her slot-I still don't know why she didn't. I didn't go to Busso to qualify for Kona but I am so excited I did... I was planning on a quiet (ish) 2020 but now I am staring down training for another Ironman-and not just any Ironman, arguably the hardest Ironman on the planet and the pinnacle of our sport.


I can't wait for the challenge and to be part of the amazing celebration I know Kona will be. But for now, after 3 Ironmans in 18 months, I'm going to enjoy a well earned break, a few drinks, some casual training sessions and time with friends and family before ripping into the new year with gusto! This sort of weekend makes your heart sing - not just for doing something that you love but for sharing it with some of the best people who I have been so lucky to have met through this sport - well done to Courtney for her PB in the Ironman, congrats Sarah on your first IM, huge congrats Damian on your amazing IM debut and thanks for being a great training buddy.


Thank you, Mardi Cuthbert, for being an incredible friend and an amazing support on the course and well done on your qualification to Taupo. And thanks to Zac and Naomi for being an awesome cheer squad on course. Thanks for the support and well done to all the Tri Chicks alumni, Nunawading Triathlon Club crew and The Cupcake Cartel members out there.


Thanks, Busso-it was a blast. Till next time...


Overall Finish Time: 10hrs 49min 11sec (47min PB, 3rd in AG, 27th female including pros, 245th overall)


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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