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Brayden Ward 2019 Stretch Goal

We have health and fitness goals but do you have a stretch goal? Let Vision PT open your eyes to having a stretching goal and how it can help.
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Brayden Ward at Templestowe

In 2019, our Templestowe team all decided that we would aim to complete a physical goal that was way beyond our capabilities from that current point in time. The goal had to be something that both scared and excited us at the same time. A goal that was pushing us physically and mentally. We have called this our "Stretch Goal"


1. What is your Stretch Goal and why have you chosen this?

My stretch goal is to participate in a half-Ironman. I chose this after going to Port Macquarie and participating in the team half-Ironman along with two other trainers from the studio, and I was really enthused by everyone there and decided I wanted to take on a half-Ironman by myself. I've had a taste of triathlons after doing a few sprint triathlons earlier this year, and I'm really looking forward to the extra challenge that the increased distance will bring!


2. What are you going to ensure happens to achieve this goal and what does your training look like?

My training at the moment has been mostly focused on the running, as I had been training for my first full marathon, which I completed in early July. There are a few more running events on the calendar over the next few months so I'll be keeping up with my running training for those. I have already completed the bike distance before when we did the team half-Ironman, so I'll be making sure to follow that training plan again, and alternating long distance rides with sprint sessions. At the moment I am hitting the pool once a week, but when we get a bit closer to the event I'll be going more often and following a strict swim plan


3. What scares you the most about your goal?

The swim is the leg that I am most concerned about. I am not a strong long-distance swimmer, and I don't enjoy ocean swims. To combat this, I plan to spend time over summer focusing on some long swims and some ocean swims so that by the time race day comes around I better prepared.

I'm also not used to individual training. I've come from a background of team sports and training in a group, so the individual aspect, both competing and training, is a bit daunting.


4. What are you most excited for?

The actual test of endurance is one of the things I am most excited for. I have never done anything anywhere near that long so I'm excited to test my aerobic fitness.

I also can't wait to cross the finish line. From the Port Macquarie experience the finish line is an absolutely electric area, everyone celebrating and cheering on the athletes, and I'm really looking forward to crossing that line and knowing I've done something awesome! Looking forward to immersing myself with other athletes who are very serious about training and competing at such a high level


5. What difference is this going to make to you after you have achieved this goal?

I think having this stretch goal will help me to be a better trainer. Not only from the perspective of being a role model, but also being able to speak from experience about accomplishing a huge goal that scared me and required more work and training than anything I have ever done before


6. Do you have any tips/tricks for someone who is thinking about pushing their own comfort zone with health and fitness?

Make sure you have a plan. You can't just wing it, without structure and consistency, you're probably not going to achieve your goal.

It's also really important to have a mentor. Find someone to look up to that inspires you and will support you, and who will encourage you along the line.



*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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