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Long-Term Health & Fitness Article
Long-Term Health & Fitness Article

By Jack Smith, PT Trainer at Bundall

Many of us wish they were a little leaner, a little stronger and had a little more energy. They have tried and failed over time by starting at the gym and losing motivation, buying some supplements and not taking them consistently or designing their own program where ultimately they end up injured in a worse position.

If you were to calculate the time, effort and money required doing this on your own, it can be quite demoralising to your mindset, motivation and wallet! In business and life, the quickest and best way to progress in any area of life is to find someone who is an expert in that field or gone through the exact journey you want to and been successful, then asking them for help or copying their blueprint.

Your health can be just as simple. Finding someone who understands your goals, is an expert in nutrition and programming and keen to invest their energy to see you succeed is the ultimate boost to accelerating your success. Health goals can vary so finding the appropriate expert is key to match to what you want to achieve. At Vision we love to work with busy mums and dads who need structure, accountability and support built into their hectic lives, understanding that keeping nutrition simple and flexible will help you long term. Having helped hundreds of people on the Gold Coast over the last decade to achieve just that and being able to safely guarantee the result, Vision can be the catalyst to finally not feeling like a failure or worse than when you started!

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