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A new beginning

At Vision PT, we know that sometimes all you need is a fresh start. Let us show you how you can experience a new beginning with Vision PT.
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Aaron Jones at Southport

I am originally from London and since being young I have always been involved with sport. I began playing football, your soccer, when I was 8. Representing my town and borough, my participation continued through to college where I was lucky enough to be offered a short contract with a professional team. My dream had come true and I moved away from home to follow it, however to my disappointment in the first few months of pre-season training I suffered a serious knee injury, rupturing my right anterior cruciate ligament. I was devastated and, being relatively young, I found it extremely difficult to deal with the emotional factor it played on me. However after surgery and 8-10 months of physiotherapy, I was able to play again. To be honest I never felt the same physically and wasn't mentally prepared to return, which I believe led to the rupture of my left ACL shortly after returning to fitness. My career was over before it had even begun and I had to let go of my dream of playing professional football.  

I moved to Australia in 2012, I worked in hospitality management but last year decided that I wasn't happy. I wanted a change and needed to pursue something that gave me fulfilment. Through my history of gym-related and sport-related training and also through my experience with physiotherapy, I decided that I wanted to help others achieve their goals in health and fitness. I'm a firm believer in the phrase that "everything happens for a reason" and I look back on my injuries as lessons that led me into obtaining a great passion in the education and support of others.

As soon as I came into contact with Vision I knew that this was the job for me. It allows you to not only educate and have the continuity of coaching your client through their time of transformation & self-development, but also promotes self-growth within the company and support in heading towards whatever life goals you have personally.

Jack and the boys at Southport have been nothing but welcoming and I already feel like part of the team. I'm extremely excited to meet all the wonderful members who create such a great place for us to work and who make Vision such a superstar brand.


Let's go team!

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