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A Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Gift the gift of health and wellness this Christmas, with our Vision Personal Training Healthy Holiday Gift Guide.
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Alexandra Anasson


The Festive season is now well and truly upon us and so the spending spree has begun!


But as you made your list of people to buy for, have you become a bit stuck when thinking of your healthy friend that you used to buy chocolates or a bottle of wine for? Or have you got someone in mind that you want to buy something healthier for in a way to inspire them to achieve their health and fitness goals in 2019? Well we are here to help with a curated list of items to buy that healthy (or soon to be healthy) person in your life!


Stocking Fillers:


* Nutritional Supplements or Vitamins: A great stocking filler for the active person in your life is a nutritional supplement like a protein powder or a protein bar or maybe some Vitamins/Minerals like Vitamin D or magnesium or a good quality Multi. When keeping fit and active it is important to ensure your body is being fuelled correctly and these supplements will help your friend keep in top condition all year round!

* Protein Shaker: Anyone who drinks protein shakes will tell you, you can never have too many protein shakers! With so many styles and advances in technology you can buy one to suit any fitness fiend!

* Lemon infused water bottle: Did you know having fresh lemon in your water can help your metabolism? Often it can be hard to keep fresh lemon in your normal water bottle so you can now buy bottles with built in lemon infusers! A great pressie for someone who is always trying to improve their metabolic rate!

* Good quality Dark Chocolate: What is Christmas without a little treat? Help your friend treat themselves without blowing out their lifestyle choices by gifting them with some really good quality Dark Chocolate-make sure it is over 70% cocoa.


Mid Range Presents:


* Active Wear: Show me an active person who doesn't love getting some new active wear and I will show you a liar! You can't go wrong with getting your healthy friend a new piece of clothing for them to feel fit and fabulous in! And if you are trying to inspire someone for the new year, a smaller piece of kit like socks or a hat may be a softer introduction.

* Good quality gym bag: Our gym bags get treated pretty terribly-from being carried during our commute to work to having your sweaty dirty clothes thrown in each day, they cop a beating. So, a great gift is always a shiny, new gym bag to ring in the new year-full of all of our fitness hopes and dreams with.

* A Netflix/itunes gift card: If your friend loves to be distracted while training outdoors or in the gym with music or a good TV show on their ipad, then gifting them with a Netflix or Itunes gift card will allow them to download the latest album or have a free month of watching their shows whilst getting fit!

* Fitness/health or lifestyle magazine subscription: Magazine subscriptions are a blast from the past-but when related to an interest are often a treat you can look forward to arriving on your doorstep every month-it's the gift that keeps on giving!


High end gifts:


* Sport specific wireless headphones: A sweat and water resistant pair of wireless headphones are a perfect gift for the runner or gym-goer in your life. Often a gift they wouldn't buy themselves but will wonder how they lived without after!

* A day spa/massage voucher: You know that your friend is constantly active, but how often do they slow down and take a moment to relax and restore? Often the best recovery for sore muscles/bodies is to rest and have a massage-so buy them a voucher for a day they will thank you for, for months to come!

* GPS/Fitness watch: With so many on the market, you can buy a watch to suit any active style! Whether your friend is a runner, triathlete or just likes to count their steps each day-there is a stylish/technologically-advanced watch for them! And if you are wanting to inspire someone for 2019-this is often a great way to start!

* Vision Personal Training Gift Voucher: No matter what someone's health and fitness goals are-having a personal trainer by your side will help you reach them quicker, easier and having lots more fun! The Trainers at Vision Personal Training are all certified and registered Personal Trainers with hundreds of hours of experience at changing people's lives under their belts! There are Vision Personal Training studios in QLD, NSW, VIC and NZ so all you have to do is jump on to find the studio closest to your friend or family member and organize a gift voucher direct with the studio!


I hope this little guide has given you some inspiration for the perfect gift for your healthy friend and that you have a wonderful, safe, happy and healthy festive season and a wonderful 2019!

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