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5 Ways to Save Time & Hit Your Fitness Goals

Many of us find that our lives are so busy day to day.

By Jack Smith, Owner at Southport

We rush in the morning to get to work on time, skip lunch to hit the latest deadline and then hurry around to catch up with loved ones in the small free time we do have. For some, fitting their health in this tight schedule feels almost impossible. Have a read below as we try to give you five extra ways to keep your fitness and health on track in minimal time.

  1. Cook extra portions for dinner. Meal prep takes up hours weekly and is often overlooked and the work cafeteria becomes the daily lunch option. By simply cooking a slightly larger meal at dinner each night and adding a whole portion to a container, you have now prepped your lunch for the next day without any extra time at all! A delicious, healthy work lunch on the run.
  2. Buy Ready Made Meals. Some people simply hate to cook or simply struggle to prepare a decent meal on a short time frame. By pre-ordering ready made meals that get delivered to your home or office, hours are saved and nutrition quality of these meals can often be better than the meals you have prepared for yourself! You can view our selection of Vision Ready Meals here.
  3. Go to bed in your exercise gear and get out of bed to train. Set the alarm an extra 30-60 mins earlier than normal. Go to bed in your training clothes with a coffee made ready for when you wake up. Simply get out of bed, put on your shoes and away you go for a walk, run, weight session before you have even woken up and realised what you are doing. This simple tactic helps you to achieve the big tasks or goals first in the day, leaving you the rest of the day knowing you have started the day in a healthy way.
  4. Take your calls and meetings outside. Conference calls, follow up calls are usually made sitting in the office sedentary. Why not use this time to get up and stretch your legs. Put your headphones in and make that important phone call whilst out getting some quality Vitamin D from the sun and extra daily steps in.
  5. Use your lunch breaks to train. Instead of wasting your lunch break playing on your phone watching YouTube, use that 30 mins to get an express session in! It doesn't matter what it is, get off your chair and move your body!

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