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5 Tips on Maintaining Exercise During Winter

It’s easy to let exercise slide during winter, so here are 5 tips that will help you embrace exercise during winter rather than avoid it!

By Mandra Taulu, Owner at Hunter Street (Sydney CBD)

Do you struggle with motivation during the winter months? Exercising during winter presents its challenges. It’s cold, it’s wet and motivation is low. Staying warm under the blanket certainly feels more enticing! It’s easy to let exercise slide during winter, so here are 5 tips that will help you embrace exercise during winter rather than avoid it!

1) Stay positive. This is possibly the most important step of all – Keeping a positive mindset despite the cold. There are additional benefits to exercising in the winter which help you stay positive. Research suggests that exercising in cold weather can burn more calories given that your body is working harder to keep the core temperature warmer effectively burning more calories. Other studies according Harvard Health Publishing suggests that in colder temperatures your heart doesn’t have to work as hard, you sweat less, and expend less energy, all of which means you can exercise more efficiently.

2) Circle of influence. Buddy up and find a training/accountability partner or seek the services of a personal trainer. When motivation is down due to the colder weather, there is nothing like knowing that someone is waiting for you to either train you or train with you! So, make a pact with a trainer or a friend to help you stay motivated and driven to achieve those health and fitness goals.

3) Find alternatives. Sticking to your training routine is going to be key to achieving your health and fitness goals. However, if part of your plan is to improve your running however you can’t think of anything worse than running in the cold and wet, then use a treadmill to get the mileage in your legs. Or, if you are finding it challenging to get your body into a studio/gym, seek an online solution. Vision offers online training to cater to individuals working from home but can also be handy in the colder months. There is always an alternative solution to help you achieve your exercise goals.

4) Stay warm. Keep it as simple as it sounds… Seek a warm place to hang out such as one of our studios! Or go to a local gym if you are not a current Vision member. Plus, you get to surround yourself with individuals who are navigating the cold with exercise in a warm, friendly environment, knowing that you are not the only one battling the blankets!

5) Book yourself an active midwinter escape. Escape the winter blues by booking a little getaway where you can be active. Embrace the winter chill with some skiing or snowboarding. Not only will have the opportunity to stay active but you’ll have additional motivation with your training knowing that you have a mini escape booked in the pipeline!

Next week we will explore ways you can maintain healthy eating habits during the winter, especially when you are tempted to eat comfort food!

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