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5 things I've learnt from running 2600km so far in 2021.

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By Jack Smith, Owner at Bundall

  1. Follow the plan. 📖 Running is like anything in life, if you make a plan and execute it 100% then the result will happen. Perfect execution will always beat perfect planning. By having a good split between easy runs, interval/tempo sessions and race pace work, you prevent injury but also rapidly increase performance.
  2. Recovery is vital. 😴 Massage, stretching, foam rolling are all keys to success. By keeping the body injury free, training can be uninterrupted and progress can continue.
  3. A strong body is a fast and durable body. 💪🏽 Often when in a high running load, weight training gets put to the side or done with less intensity. Maintaining consistent resistance training is vital to help increase pace, stay strong and injury free. There are many running specific movements for lower body and posterior chain, but total body strength is so important.
  4. Learn about fuel. ⛽️ As running load builds and runners start to work towards faster and longer runs, often their fuelling strategy actually hinders their progress. Eating too little and not taking on fuel during a long run leads to fatigue and weakens performance, overeating can bring stomach issues on a long run. By investing time researching different gels, fluids etc for long runs and having quality pre-run nutrition you will improve your running out of sight.
  5. Track your runs. ♥️ Using a wearable tracker to measure heart rate, speed, distance, time etc is the game changer to understanding your performance. The more data you can collect during a run, the better you can understand your levels and then plan your upcoming programs based on your fitness level. By calculating hr or pace zones, it’s easy to program correctly for most likelihood of success.

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